How To Download Instagram Reels

If you’ve created a reel which is performing well on Instagram, you might want to share it on other platforms…

If you’ve created a reel which is performing well on Instagram, you might want to share it on other platforms or simply save it for future inspiration.

Whatever your reasoning, downloading Instagram reels isn’t as hard as many people think – and you don’t have to stop at your own content!

Now, Instagram has made it possible for users to download and store the reels that other profiles create. This means that you can finally send those side-splitting reels to the friend who doesn’t have Instagram or pop them in a group chat with your family.

Here’s how to do it…

Downloading Your Own (Already Shared) Reels in 3 Steps

  1. From your profile page, find the reel that you want to download (use the reels shortcut just above your post grid to quickly navigate to reels)
  2. Tap on the reel to open it into full screen mode
  3. Click on the three dots in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and select ‘Save to Camera Roll’.
    How To Download Instagram Reels 1

Your reel is now a short video saved on your device.

Saving Reels That You Haven’t Published Yet

If you have created a reel and know that it is going to perform well, or you want to save it on your device to send via other platforms, you can save it before publishing it to your profile.

  1. Create the reel as normal, clicking ‘Next’ until you reach the full preview screen
  2. Once on the preview screen, you will see a selection of options in the top right hand corner. Select the one which represents the ‘Download’ button, with an arrow pointing downwards.
    How To Download Instagram Reels 2

This immediately saves your reel as a video on your device.

How to Download Reels Created by Other Users

If a reel shared by another user piques your interest or is something you want to share with someone who doesn’t have Instagram, then it may be possible to download it to your device and send it to them directly.

In order for this to work, the reel needs to be public – something which only the creator has control over.

If the reel is public, you can download and save it in just two quick steps:

  1. Tap ‘Share’ at the bottom of the reel (the button which represents a paper airplane)
    How To Download Instagram Reels 3
  2. Click ‘Download’
    How To Download Instagram Reels 4

This sends the reel straight to your camera roll on your device.

If you get to this point and none of these options appeal to you, you can also explore screen recording as a way of securing the reel onto your own device. This won’t work for all devices, but if your device or smartphone does allow you to record the screen then this can be an easy way of turning a great reel into a short video to share with your friends.

TOP TIP: Be wary of copyright – and don’t share reels on social media which aren’t yours to share!