How to Edit Comments on Instagram

Social media is all about communication and Instagram is no exception. Since it first launched, the platform has grown to…

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Social media is all about communication and Instagram is no exception. Since it first launched, the platform has grown to include 2 billion active monthly users, and has a presence all around the world. This is great for artists, content creators, and businesses, as well as people looking to connect with like-minded individuals across the world.

Unfortunately, communicating with others via social media can be tough. Expressing ideas, emotions, and discussing ideas via text-based mediums comes with many benefits – but also some pitfalls. Notably, a typo in your comment during a lively discussion is embarrassing, but it can also lead to misunderstandings. Being able to deal with typos when you spot them is incredibly beneficial.

If you write a mistake in your Instagram post captions, you can simply edit this – but what about comments?

How to Edit a Comment on Instagram

Unfortunately, you cannot open and edit a comment on Instagram, whether the comment is present on your post or someone else’s. That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with that pesky typo, however.

Even if there’s no way to edit comments on Instagram, you can delete the comment that you wish to edit and retype it. This is not ideal, but it does allow you to ensure that you’re communicating as clearly as possible.

To delete your comment:

  1. Press and hold the comment until it is highlighted
  2. Press the trashcan icon at the top of the screen
  3. This will remove it
  4. You can then create a new comment

Just remember to check it carefully before you post it!


How do I tag someone in Instagram comments?

To tag someone in an Instagram comment, press the @ key and then type their username. Of course, if you are replying to a users’ comment directly, you can simply press Reply under their comment and Instagram will tag them automatically.

Why can’t I tag someone in Instagram comments?

If you can’t successfully tag someone in your comment, then your account may be too new to tag others. Beyond this, the person you are trying to tag may have a private profile, or they may have disabled the tagging feature in their profile settings. Finally, the person may have blocked or restricted your account, which bars you from tagging.

How many people can I tag in an Instagram comment?

There is no defined limit to how many people you can tag or mention in one Instagram comment, but keep in mind that mentioning too many people in comments can lead to your account being limited or flagged, as this can be counted as a spam action.