How to Edit Photos For Instagram

Are you uploading some photos from a recent celebration or day out, posting pictures of a new project or venture,…

Are you uploading some photos from a recent celebration or day out, posting pictures of a new project or venture, or simply sharing some insight into your local area and surrounding environment?

As a primarily visual app, so much of Instagram and its many features is geared towards photos and presenting both photos and other types of content in their best possible light.

Of course, when photos are involved, we can’t escape the desire that many users have to edit their images. From altering the colour and tone of a photo to cropping an unattractive background or adjusting the fit of the photo within the Instagram frame, editing is a core part of the app experience for most users.

Here are some tips on how to edit photos for Instagram.

Where Can You Edit Photos For Instagram?

This is a question with two main answers.

You can of course edit photos ready to upload on Instagram on countless third party apps – or indeed on your own device.

If, for example, you want to add a business badge or branded border to your photos before uploading, you can do this in editing apps like Canva. Alternatively, if you want to crop a photo or turn one image into a collage of images, you can do this via your device or other photo tools.

Or you can edit photos within Instagram before posting them.

To do this, select ‘Create Post’ from your homepage and find the photo you want to upload, then click ‘Next’. This takes you to the editing screen where you can choose a filter or edit other details including the rotation of the photo, its angle, the level of shading, and more.

Once complete, you can click ‘Next’ to add a caption and upload the photo.

Tips For Editing Photos For Instagram

Perhaps the most important tip when it comes to editing photos for Instagram is to consider layout.

Once upon a time, Instagram only supported photos which were formatted into a square shape. Now, you can upload both portrait and landscape photos – however, be aware that the grid view will cut off any excess outside of the regular square shape, and that square shaped photos perform and look best on the app.

Another tip is to use editing tools to properly align your photo, so that any accidental jaunt is lost in favour of clean cut and angular edges. Photos need to be clear and aesthetically pleasing to look at, if you want to inspire engagement.

Finally, make sure that each individual post has a positive impact on your overall grid aesthetic. For brands, businesses, and influencers in particular, the look of your entire grid can make or break your status as an Instagram pro – so be sure to pay attention to the balance of colours and the style of each photo.

Editing photos is what Instagram is all about – you need only look at the wide availability of filters to confirm that. But not every photo has to be heavily edited and filtered. Sometimes, clean and simple is best!