How to Edit TikTok Videos

The complexity of this article, and the message behind it, will depend entirely on the kind of TikTok user or…

The complexity of this article, and the message behind it, will depend entirely on the kind of TikTok user or creator that you are.

TikTok as a platform lends itself to video editing – encouraging users to be as creative as they like when it comes to formatting, voiceovers, visual effects, and more.

With a wide array of different tools and features available, ranging from video layering and split screens to the addition of a voiceover or sound editing, in this article we’re letting you know how to unlock and access TikTok’s various editing tools to add life to your content.

What Can You Do With TikTok Editing?

The beauty of TikTok is that creators can conduct and keep all of their editing inside the platform, ensuring that everything they do is protected and can be saved as progress in their TikTok drafts.

Some of the most popular editing tools available include the following:

  • Videos can be stitched together with photos to create a seamless transition reel
  • Songs and audio can be added, to add context and emotion to the TikTok
  • Reactions can be shared, layered on top of an original video or piece of content
  • Voiceovers can be added after visual footage has been produced, to add further context to a TikTok
  • Effects can be added to adjust the transition, to make content more engaging, and to help TikTok’s stand out

Suffice to say, if you can think of an idea then the chances are that TikTok has an editing tool to support you. Here’s how to access the tools…

How to Access Editing Tools

Once you’re in the TikTok app and have clicked on the plus sign in the centre of the bottom menu to create a new TikTok, everything you do is about editing and finessing that TikTok content.

The first step is to select the images and video clips that you want to share, or record something completely new using the record button.

When you’re happy with the basic footage and compilation of images, it’s time to start editing.

The original menu down the right hand side of the screen has basic editing options which include adding text, filters, effects, and voice effects.

But that’s not all.

Click on the ‘Edit’ button at the top of the menu to open a whole new edit screen which is much more detailed. This is where you can add things like sound, voiceovers, text, and overlaid videos.

NOTE: The reel underneath the preview screen is your best friend when it comes to these kinds of more detailed edits, as this is where you can see exactly what is happening and when throughout the course of your TikTok. For example, you can see via the layered elements when additional images appear, when voiceovers start, and where the music ends.

And there you have it! A guide to why TikTok edits are important, and where to find the basic and more comprehensive editing tools at your disposal. We hope this helps you create standout and engaging TikTok content!