How to Find Out Who Owns An Instagram Account

Have you come across an Instagram account that operates in a specific niche or industry, sharing great content but with…

Have you come across an Instagram account that operates in a specific niche or industry, sharing great content but with no clear owner? Perhaps you’ve noticed an Instagram account that views all of your stories but is not connected with an obvious name, or you’ve stumbled upon an account that you think may be fake?

All of these can be reasons behind wanting to know who owns an Instagram account.

But how do you find out?

Short of sending a DM asking the account holder to name themselves, the only thing you can do is to access third party apps which are designed to uncover the identity of account holders via a number of different methods.

Here are some of the most popular…

How To Use The Username To Identify The Account Holder

There are some apps out there which can take an Instagram username and search to find out which accounts it is linked to. If an Instagram account is, for example, connected to another personal profile or a Facebook profile, then it can be easy to trace back.

Similarly, using a tool like BeenVerified and other apps will look at numbers, email addresses, and other details which are linked to Instagram accounts in order to identify the main holder.

How To Use The Profile Picture To Identify The Account Holder

If searching via the username on a profile doesn’t work, then you could always try their profile picture.

If an account has a photo but you can’t tell who it is, you can use online catfish and dating support apps to reverse search an image – locating it elsewhere on the internet and compiling it with other images which show the same faces.

This kind of search will let you know where else an Instagram account holder is active online, so that you can track down more information.

How To Use Basic Information To Identify The Account Holder

Of course, you could always use their bio and any other information provided on the profile page, to identify who exactly owns and manages a profile.

Google searching any information which is provided in an Instagram bio, for example business or brand information which could take you to a website, or searching for personal details on other social apps, can bring to light some information that helps you to identify an account owner.

If none of this works and you start to suspect that an account might be fake or impersonating someone else, then the first step is to report it to Instagram. Reports are taken seriously by the app and will be looked into directly – with the more reports an account gets, the quicker action is taken.

We hope this helps you to find out what you need to – and to keep your Instagram bubble a safe place to interact online!

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