How to Find Someone’s Location On Instagram

Has a friend of yours visited an attraction that you’ve always wanted to see? Perhaps a creator or influencer has…

Has a friend of yours visited an attraction that you’ve always wanted to see?

Perhaps a creator or influencer has recently tagged a café or restaurant that you want to visit, or you’ve seen a local page highlighting some must-see destinations in your local area?

Whatever your motivation, Instagram’s location feature is an excellent way of discovering new places to see and things to do, by allowing users to tag specific locations when posting an update.

Here’s how to use this feature to your advantage, next time you are looking for somewhere to go or something to do…

Find a Location On An Instagram Post

As you scroll through your newsfeed, you may or may not be familiar with the location tag that’s linked to specific posts.

If there is a destination or venue named directly under the username but above the post, then this is a location tag. Clicking on it will take you to a screen which shows a location map and a link to the destination’s own Instagram profile – followed underneath by a grid of other posts which use the same location tag.

Using the map and other information, you can identify and find out where someone has cited an Instagram post. However, this is not an indication of where they are at that moment – but rather, where they took the photos and other content that is shown in the post.

Find a Location On An Instagram Story

Instagram stories are much more likely to be taken and shared live, and so provide a more accurate indication as to where a user is at the time of posting.

Instagram story tags are becoming more and more popular – and can be used to share an increasing amount of information. As well as location, users can tag other users to create a story which is engaging, and can also add details like music and GIFs, clickable URL links, and more.

When a location is tagged, any user can click on the location within the story and bring up the same page as mentioned in the section above. Through this clickable button, users can see exactly where a story has been tagged and can find out more about the location – as well as browse other images and posts that have the same tag.

We hope this helps! Finding out where specific posts and updates have been taken is a great way to learn more about what your friends are up to – and you never know, you might even uncover a great new place to visit!