How to Get 1k Followers on TikTok in Five Minutes

We share lots of content on how to optimise your profile, improve your visibility, and build a successful and sustainable…

We share lots of content on how to optimise your profile, improve your visibility, and build a successful and sustainable presence on TikTok.

When it comes to quick growth in five minutes or less, however, there is really only one thing that you can do. And that’s to buy followers.

But there’s a catch. Because many of the sites and sellers that advertise TikTok follower packages are dealing with robot accounts and spam profiles. And while these might generate a high following at first, over time TikTok will recognise the profiles as robots and remove them – potentially penalising you in the process.

Suffice to say, buying a bad batch of followers is not worth the hassle.

Which is why we’ve not just created a solution but made it easier than ever to access.

How to Buy Real Followers

The solution is to buy packages of followers that are linked to, and operate, real accounts. That means that the followers you buy are real people and generate real engagement through their real reactions.

The best way to do this is through a reputable site, backed by countless positive reviews and testimonials from existing customers – like Twicsy.

You can buy packages which start with a few followers and range up into the thousands – delivering the 1k followers that you need in five minutes or less.

Once they arrive in your account, then the real word begins. Because it’s up to you to engage and keep them there.

How to Make 1k Followers Stay

Once your 1k+ followers arrive on your profile, you need to deliver high quality content in order to keep them.

The best way to do this is through consistent and regular posting, balancing original content with trending challenges and clips, comedy, and insightful posts. If you’re trying to build a presence and profile in a specific industry, then use keywords and create content that appeals to them.

What Happens When You Reach 1,000 Followers

Did you know that an account with 1,000 followers or more can go live?

Live streams are a great way to connect directly with your followers and give them more value from your profile. They are also the platform through which creators can monetise their profile, receiving gifts from followers which convert first into TikTok diamonds and then into cash.

Once you reach that 1,000 follower mark, TikTok starts to view your profile as reputable and more credible and will be more likely to rank and view you favourably within the algorithm. And with the help of sites like Twicsy that deal in real profiles and sell real followers to creators, reaching that 1k figure couldn’t be easier!