How to Get Free TikTok Likes

Unarguably the best and most foolproof way of getting free TikTok likes is by creating content that people want to…

Unarguably the best and most foolproof way of getting free TikTok likes is by creating content that people want to engage with.

When followers enjoy a video that you share, they will ‘like’ it – thereby increasing the reach of that video and showing TikTok that the content is valuable in the eyes of users and followers.

Now, if you’re not getting enough likes and engagement, and you feel like your growth on TikTok has hit a plateau, then there are things you can do to boost your engagement quickly and effectively. However these come at a cost.

So, for the sake of this article, we’re sharing our tips on how to get more likes on TikTok without buying them – instead making your content more eye-catching and ‘likable’.

Reconsider the First Couple of Seconds of Every Video

If it takes a few seconds for your video to really get into it, then it’s not good enough.

Those first few seconds are make or break for any and every TikTok video. If you don’t immediately capture a user’s attention, then you can rest assured that they won’t stick around to watch the full video – let alone like it.

Reconsider your approach to the way each video starts. Consider compelling headlines, instant drama, and a memorable opening scene or visual on every video.

It could be a trending audio clip, or it could be a popular dance challenge. Whatever it is, sometimes in order to get likes you simply have to get involved in things which are trending, and which are “making the rounds” on TikTok.

If it’s relevant to you and you are seeing competitors and members of your community getting involved in the trend, then it’s time to create your own video and add to the trend!

Be Unique

If you are going to do something because it’s trending, make sure that you add your own spin to it.

This will ensure that your content stands out and retains its position on the platform, long after the trend has started to die out.

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags don’t just connect your video with active and interested users who search for specific content – they also let TikTok know what your video is about and ensure that your content is connected to the right audience and ‘For You’ pages.

Hashtags can prove invaluable when it comes to getting your video on the ‘For You’ page of users who will be interested in your content and who are likely to ‘like’ it.

Sometimes, users engage with content because it uses a sound or a song that they enjoy. Popular sounds and trending audio clips or filters will attract users to your content, whether or not they follow you or are already familiar with your profile.

This is how some completely unknown creators suddenly find that their video is trending – because they took a popular song or a well-loved filter and used it to make a name for themselves.

Engage With Your Audience

People like content that’s shared by creators who they like. So, you need to be likable.

That means responding to comments, engaging with followers, being an active follower yourself by commenting and liking other videos, and exploring features like the Live Stream.

Ultimately, popular and high profile creators will find that they receive likes on videos from users who barely even watch them – instead ‘liking’ the fact it has been posted by a creator who they admire and like. Getting to this status is the best way of securing a sustainable and high like count.

Write Good Captions

If the caption isn’t engaging or doesn’t support the content you’ve created, then what’s the point of it?

Often, the caption will add context to a video and is a valuable part of the content package. Write engaging captions that will ignite interest – you never know, it may keep a user watching even if the first few seconds aren’t as compelling as they could be!

Make Your Content Accessible

One of the obstacles that could be impacting your like count is a private profile or share blocks on your videos.

If you want to get more TikTok likes without paying for them, you need to make your content as accessible as possible both to followers and to those who don’t follow you yet.

Collaborate With Other Creators

Collaborating is a great way of getting your profile and your content in the eyeline of users who aren’t yet aware of you.

If you create a collaboration post with another creator, you will find that the post gets likes from both of your communities – and that your profile and other videos will benefit from a boost in visibility as a result. If you want to get your name and your content out on a wider scale as quickly as possible, collaborating with other creators and/or brands is one of the best ways of doing so.

How to Get Free Likes on TikTok

TikTok is all about engagement and interaction, with ‘likes’ one of the most effective tools that users and followers use as a way of showing their approval for content.

If you want to gain an influx of likes overnight, you can easily buy likes from a reputable site and then work to retain those likes and followers by improving your approach to content creation. Or, if you’ve got a bit more time to play with, you can start from scratch and build out a better content portfolio that will attract new likes entirely organically.

We hope this helps and inspires you to want to make your TikTok better!