How to Get More Likes on Instagram

Do you want to end up on the Explore Page on Instagram? If you want more recognition on the platform,…

Do you want to end up on the Explore Page on Instagram? If you want more recognition on the platform, you need to drive your engagement metrics to all-time highs. Likes are the foundation of an engagement strategy and the fast track to success on the Explore page.

Likes are critical to your “Engagement strategy” on the platform. Likes, comments, replies, and shares are metrics used by the Instagram algorithm to judge the relevancy and value of the content you post to the site. You need to reassess your content strategy if you don’t get good engagement with your posts.

How do you get more likes on your posts? If you’re stuck at an average of 100 likes with your content, there’s a way to get that like count skyrocketing to the moon. Despite the likes on your posts being easy to see if your content strategy is performing to your expectations, they are challenging to receive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Leaving a like on your post is a low-cost action for your audience. The user just double-taps the screen, yet many people never bother to complete this task. Every user that decides to scroll over your post without leaving a like is shortchanging your content strategy. So, how do you get the user to smash the like button?

10 Tips to Get More Likes on Instagram

Getting more likes on your posts is easier than you think. With the right approach to your content strategy, you’ll have the likes and comments flooding in. Engagement is everything on social media, and when you crack the formula, you’ll find your posts make it to the coveted Explore page on Instagram.

#1 Research Your Competition

What is your competition doing? What are the results of their engagement strategy? Is it paying off? Take a look at their account and their top-performing posts. What are they doing that’s different from your content?

By understanding what your competitors are doing, you get a view of what works for them, allowing you to take a similar approach. We’re not suggesting that you copy them, but you can analyze what they’re doing and the elements of their content strategy driving engagement with their audience.

#2 Run a Contest to Get More Likes

Incentivizing social media engagement is critical to your content strategy’s success. Engagement is everything on social. The more people that like and comment on your posts, the better your chance of landing on the Explore page, where you have the possibility of going viral. Running a contest is an effective method for generating massive amounts of engagement from your target audience.

Using a free giveaway of a product or a cash prize is an effective way of getting attention on your posts. People love free stuff and are willing to do minor tasks such as liking your post and tagging friends to stand a chance of winning a prize. If you don’t have a product or budget, find a sponsor willing to provide a reward in exchange for recognition with your audience.

#3 Implement Hashtags

Hashtags are like signposts pointing Instagram users to your content. When people search the Explore page, they can enter hashtags in the search bar to find related content to those terms. Be specific with your hashtags, and avoid using general hashtags that don’t have any effect. Place the hashtag in your caption, but don’t overdo it and spam the tags.

Place two to four hashtags in the caption and make the most of the ones you use. For instance, using generic tags like #Love might seem like a good idea. The reality is there are millions of posts with the #Love hashtag. Instead, use a hashtag that is specific to your niche. A tool like SEM Rush can help you identify top trending hashtags in your market.

#4 Tag Customers

If you operate a local business, tag your customers in posts. For instance, you could own a barbershop and post a picture of you cutting a celebrities hair. Tag them in the photo, and they’ll receive a notification of your post when you upload it to the platform. When they open the app, they’ll see your post and their interaction with your business, brand, or content.

They’ll promote and like your post. This outcome makes it more likely for followers and fans to like and share your post. You don’t have to do this with celebrities; it’s a viable strategy for anyone shopping in your store. This strategy works for any business, from restaurants to clothing boutiques. It’s also effective for brands that want to grow their audience.

#5 Ask Followers to Tag Their Friends

Grow your audience by asking your followers to like your post and tag a friend. You’ll have to incentivize your followers or random viewers to leave a like and tag their buddies. Using a competition like a giveaway is a great way to motivate people to comply with your request.

It’s a great way to organically grow your community on the platform without any ongoing input from your side. Your followers take on the responsibility of sharing your content with your friends. It’s money for jam and a great way to improve your engagement rate.

#6 Tag Your Location

Add location tags to your posts. If you’re posting a video from the beach, a geo-location tag helps you connect with a local audience. Location tags allow your content to appear on the Explore page when people search for those tags.

People will like your post based purely on your location to show their support for their local hometown, favorite restaurant, or brand. For instance, add a location tag at the LV store, and a post of your new handbag attracts LV fans that like your post.

#7 Create Compelling Captions

Are you making the most of your captions? You get 2,200 characters in your caption, but you don’t have to make use of all of them. A short, well-positioned caption can change the theme and effect of your post. Don’t forget to use emojis where you can. They’re an effective tool. Don’t think that your big corporate brand is above using emojis. Ride the Instagram wave and use them.

Use the caption to request engagement from your audience. Ask directly for a like, and use the caption to motivate your audience. For instance, you could say, “leave a like if you want to see more content like this.” This strategy tells your audience what you want them to do, and there’s a better chance they’ll leave you a like than if you don’t request it from them.

#8 Ride Trends

Do you know what’s trending in your niche? Use an analytics and content research tool to help you find trending topics and hashtags. Research popular memes people are posting to their accounts in your market and emulate their posts with a fresh approach.

Remember, don’t imitate; innovate. Ride the trend and get the most out of it while it’s still popular. Don’t make the mistake of trying to resurrect old trends, and don’t follow them too late, or you’ll look inauthentic.

#9 Ask for Likes

Ask your audience for likes. Using a direct CTA in your posts makes your audience more inclined to reciprocate your request. If you add value to their experience on the platform, they’ll happily comply, strengthening the para-social relationship.

This strategy comes straight out of the salesman’s handbook to success. People need you to push them into action – without being pushy. Ask, and you shall receive, so make an effort to produce a verbal CTA asking for a like or use stickers in your stories to spurt action in your followers.

#10 Post at the Right Times

There’s no point posting at 9 am at night on a Monday. Everyone’s home from the first workday, relaxing or spending time with their family, not browsing social media. If you want more likes, you must put your content in front of your audience at the right times.

  • Monday              6am to 10am, 10pm.
  • Tuesday              2am, 4am, 9am.
  • Wednesday       7am to 8am, 9am.
  • Thursday             7am to 8am, 11pm.
  • Friday                   5am, 1pm to 3pm.
  • Saturday             11am, 7pm to 8pm.
  • Sunday                7am to 8am, 4pm.

How to Get More Likes On Instagram – Key Takeaways

Follow these tips for boosting your engagement strategy on Instagram. The better your engagement strategy, the more chance you have of receiving more likes and landing on the Explore page.

Implement each tip and track your results using an analytics tool. You won’t experience success overnight, but with persistence and dedication to your content strategy, you’ll eventually see your engagement go through the roof and your content land on the Explore stage.

Don’t give up. Keep pushing out content and adjust your strategy in line with the data you receive from your audience. All it takes is one post to reach the Explore page, and you can see your account blow up on Instagram.