How to Get More Likes on Instagram

If Instagram engagement and a higher volume of likes is on your list of goals for the coming year, then…

If Instagram engagement and a higher volume of likes is on your list of goals for the coming year, then you’re in the right place. 

In this blog, we’re unpacking the top three things to do if you want to earn more likes on each post that you share. 

  • Post high quality, valuable content
  • Use hashtags and CTA’s
  • Post regularly (and use scheduling tools where possible!)

We’ll also be uncovering the truth behind sites that sell Instagram likes – so make sure you stick around until the end of the blog for that insight. 

Post High Quality, Valuable Content

Instagram users like and engage with the content that resonates with them. 

This doesn’t have to mean a long-winded caption packed with advice or information; it could simply be a graphic or even a photo that they really like. 

Whatever it is, the quality of the content you post really will make or break the number of likes you receive. 

A few tips from us which relate to this:

  • If you run a business or brand account and want to get more likes, increase your use of User-Generated Content. If a customer or user shares something about your brand or products, share that post to your own profile. This will inspire more users to tag you in their own posts and acts as effortless direct marketing for your brand. 
  • Be more “face friendly” – even on a business page! If all of your posts are created with a design tool and feature lots of text on the image, your posts will appear boring. Add in some face time, introduce the faces behind the brand, and become more engaging yourself. 
  • Ask your followers what kind of content they want to see, and then create it!

Use Hashtags and CTAs

Hashtags are all about driving more users towards your content and individual posts, in the hopes that a higher volume of users will lead to more likes.

CTAs, also known as Calls To Action can be a powerful way to inspire a single activity – for example, asking users to “like” a post if they agree, or comment a short “yes” or “no” in response to a question you ask. 

Embracing both of these steps will increase the number of users who see your post and will increase the number of interactions linked with each post. 

Post Regularly

… and use scheduling tools where possible.

There is nothing more annoying that an account that shares really valuable and insightful content for a few month, before falling off the radar completely and going quiet overnight – only to start up again a few weeks later.

Consistency is key when it comes to social media, with the term “regularly” meaning whatever you need it to mean for your account and industry. Some influencers and brands post multiple times per day, while some post every other day. Work out a structure which is realistic for you and stick to it religiously. 

As for the scheduling tools, these are invaluable if you have lots to share but find that you are extremely time-poor when it comes to posting. Accessing a scheduling tool means you only need to carve out one chunk of time every few weeks to schedule posts, then sit back and let them hit your Instagram feed at the set time. 

Should You Buy Instagram Likes?

There are countless sites out there that offer to sell you banks of Instagram likes, promising to transform your Instagram presence overnight. 

While some of the sites overpromise and underdeliver, there are some that can genuinely boost your profile in the right direction. These are the sites that sell likes from real user accounts, meaning that your posts will see an increase in engagement and visibility from users that Instagram deems as real. 

So, if buying likes is something that you are considering to help fast-track a new launch or announcement, make sure to do so via one of the more reputable sites that only ever sells likes from authentic user accounts.