How to Get More Views on Instagram

What is your end goal when it comes to Instagram? Do you want to use the app to increase your…

What is your end goal when it comes to Instagram?

Do you want to use the app to increase your profile in a specific industry or market? Do you want to access inspiration for an event that you’re hosting? Are you looking for advice from specific experts in their dedicated field? Are you wanting to market your brand direct to customers? Or do you want to simply keep in touch with the lives of friends and family?

Before we even get started with using Instagram and increasing your profile views, answering the above questions will help to determine if you need a personal, creator, or business account.

Different accounts have access to different insights, with creator and business profiles able to see a little more behind the scenes on their posts and profile growth. Meanwhile, as a personal account holder, you can see how many followers you have and track how many views your stories get on a regular basis.

Whatever your goal, in this article we’re sharing some of the main tips to increase visibility and get more views for your Instagram – including your posts, your stories, and your profile as a whole.

Get More Views on Instagram

Why Do Views Matter on Instagram?

There are lots of stats to track on Instagram. The number of views you have relates directly back to visibility and how Instagram ranks your content against that of others.

As a creator or business account, you will likely be interested in both the views of followers and in how well non-followers can find and view your content. The ever-changing algorithm can make it difficult to ascertain how well your profile is performing, by adapting the visibility of your posts for seemingly no reason at all.

Nonetheless, there are still things that you can do to make your profile more visible and to increase the number of views you get for your content. Here are some of our top tips from the world of Instagram…

Before we get started, these tips are all designed to maximise the success, and increase viewing figures and reach, across your posts and stories as well as your profile. They are generic tips which tick all of the boxes that Instagram lays out to achieve success.

1. Improve / Optimise Your Profile

If it’s profile views that you’re looking for, you need to make sure that your profile and account is irresistible to the right audience. That means optimising your bio, selecting a profile picture which captures the vibe and tone of your account, and including relevant links that support the user experience.

As well as seeking the approval of users themselves, an optimised profile will give Instagram some insight into what your profile is all about and will help your content to become more visible on the Discovery and Explore page as a result.

2. Vary Your Content Style

There is no better way to increase views than by constantly switching up and varying your content style – delighting followers with a mix of value-added content, behind the scenes insight, and videos packed with personality.

Stories, photo posts, and reels are all great for tapping into different audience types and levels of engagement – with live streams an excellent way to engage directly.

3. Use UGC As Much As You Can

By UGC we mean User-Generated Content – and there are plenty of ways to use this whether or not you are a brand or business.

For businesses that sell tangible products and services, UGC can be built from reviews and testimonials, or customer videos. For content creators, UGC can be shared from followers who interact with and post about your content. You can even tap into UGC by inviting your followers to tag other users and share your content, using them as a way of expanding your own reach.

4. Be Engaging With Followers

This one’s simple. The more you engage with and connect with followers, the higher your views will be as your content is seen and picked up by more users.

Be Engaging With Followers on Instagram

5. Post More Stories

There is a fine line between posting more and posting too much. If in doubt, posting more on your stories is a good way to share small snippets of your day – which are often more engaging than full blown posts.

Making your stories shareable is a way of increasing viewer numbers as existing followers can share your content to their own bank of followers and across their own Instagram community.

6. Understand The Algorithm And What Instagram Wants

Last but not least, if you want to increase the number of views you get on Instagram, you need to know what Instagram is looking for, how the algorithm works, and how to make sure that your content stands out (for all the right reasons).

This means using hashtags effectively, engaging but not too much, sharing value across all your content, and sticking with your niche or industry.

We hope that this guide to increasing your views on Instagram is helpful! Instagram can be an incredibly powerful tool as you build a community of followers, fans, and customers. But to increase your views, you need to make sure that you leverage the app and all its features correctly.