How to Get Rid Of Ads On Instagram

As Instagram grows and more and more users explore the benefits of personal, creator, and business accounts to suit their…

As Instagram grows and more and more users explore the benefits of personal, creator, and business accounts to suit their goals, it follows that the platform will continue to offer paid promotions and ad opportunities to brands.

Let’s be honest, brands and businesses want to be seen on the latest platform amid the newsfeed of their target demographic. And with millions of users accessing Instagram every day, there’s no better social app to pay for advertising space on than Instagram.

But what about those users who don’t like having their scrolling experience interrupted by ads? Is there a way of switching ads off or removing them from your feed?

Well, there are two answers here.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable the visibility of ads completely. This is because ads form a part of Instagram’s business model and are a part of the browser experience – connecting users with brands and local pages or profiles that Instagram thinks will interest them.

Having said that, if there is a specific ad that you want to get rid of, then this is perfectly possible – and easy to do!

How to Remove Specific Ads

If an ad pops up on your newsfeed that is unapplicable to you, or that contains content you don’t want to see on Instagram, you can easily hide the ad – and let Instagram know your reasons for hiding it in the process.

To do this, simply click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of an ad and select ‘Hide Ad’.

Instagram will ask why you want to hide that particular ad, with options which include personal preference and an existing connection with the brand or product. Using this tool will help Instagram to finetune its approach to future ads connected to your experience.

Alternatively, you can report an ad which you deem to be inappropriate. This is done by clicking on the same three dots but selecting ‘Report Ad’ instead of the hide option. Again, you will be invited to give a reason as to why you want to report the ad.

How to Adjust The Ads That You See

Instagram shows you ads based on your searches and activity on the platform, as well as the accounts that you follow and the kind of content that you engage with on a regular basis.

In order to adjust the types of ads that you are seeing, you need to finetune your activity on the app in line with your interests. You can directly tell Instagram what you are interested in while also hiding ads that you don’t want to see as per the above section of this article.

Finally, you can always strip back your Instagram completely so as to block any branded accounts and prevent your newsfeed from being plagued with ads. However, the increasing complexity of ads means that even searches away from the platform are likely to infiltrate into your Instagram app and inform specific ads for things you have browsed or markets you have searched for.

All in all, ads are not something that you can escape from completely – but you can report and remove ads that you specifically don’t want to see and adjust the ads you do see according to your interests.