How to Get Views on TikTok With No Followers

How many times have you viewed and even liked a TikTok video without following the original poster or creator? The…

How many times have you viewed and even liked a TikTok video without following the original poster or creator?

The chances are that you do this on a regular, if not daily, basis. This is because the algorithm does not solely restrict your viewing to accounts that you follow – but rather fills you ‘For You’ page with content that it thinks you will enjoy and want to see.

In short, a user does not have to be following you to view your content. However, it helps – especially in letting TikTok and its algorithm know that your content is high in quality and worth sharing.

Here’s how to boost your views and the visibility of your content, even with no following. And you never know, boosting your views might even earn you your first followers – making this a win-win from all angles!

The best way to increase the visibility of your videos and earn some views is to play on the potency and popularity of trends across TikTok. From challenge videos to trending audio, when you use a content format that’s trending, you will earn views from those who are following or interested in that trend.

The more original your take on the trend, the higher the chance of your content being recognised and sweeping the app, potentially going viral!

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags that people are searching for, and that connect back to those trending topics and videos we’ve already mentioned, is a great way to increase visibility.

Using hashtags in your captions lets TikTok know what the video is about, making it more likely that the video will appear on a relevant ‘For You’ page.

Create Collaborative Content

If you can leverage the popularity of another creator, then you will receive views from their own following and audience through collaborative content.

Creating a post with a likeminded creator, a friend, or another individual in your industry or market, will get both of your names out there to each other’s audience. Of course, yours won’t amount to much – but it will get your name in front of their following. And that’s good for your view count and for your own follower numbers!

Use TikTok Promote and Advertising

Paid ads on TikTok are a quick way of getting your content in the line of sight of users who fall into your pre-selected demographic and audience.

Of course, with no following you do run the risk of potential customers and followers shying away from engaging for fear that your account is a scam or is fake. However, as your profile grows, so too will your reputation and other user’s trust in your content.

Buy Views From a Reputable Source

Looking for an overnight shortcut to a high view count? Undoubtedly the quickest way to earn views with no followers is to buy them – but you need to be careful!

Most sellers package up bot accounts and will charge you money for them, not caring about the impact this will have on your profile and reputation on TikTok. Make sure to only buy engagement and other TikTok packages from reputable sellers that handle real accounts and deliver authentic interactions. Twicsy is one such brand that works with real users, and packages engagement from real accounts.

Cross-channel Promotion

Our sixth and final tip is to explore the benefits of cross-channel promotion – linking your TikTok video through to a social platform where you have some followers who might click through and engage with your video.

To cut a long story short, in order to grow your profile and earn some followers, you need to create content that receives views. You can create interest in your profile by connecting your TikTok account with Facebook friends and contacts and can go on your own follow spree and hope that some users follow you back. However, unless you are prepared to buy authentic follows and views from reputable online sources, organic growth starts with the tips listed above!

Happy creating!