How to Hack a TikTok Account

If you’re concerned about the security of your TikTok account and the data stored inside your account, then we’re here…

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If you’re concerned about the security of your TikTok account and the data stored inside your account, then we’re here to share a few simple truths.

While TikTok is a safe and secure platform on which users can establish a profile and build a presence, there are certain vulnerabilities that leave accounts open to being hacked without the right protective measures.

The rise in scam text message chains and hacker emails means that users on TikTok and other social apps need to be more attuned than ever before to potential risks.

To help you protect your account and your personal information, we’ve created this article outlining the main vulnerabilities open to hackers so that you can take the steps needed to close the gaps and prevent being hacked.

How Do Hackers Access TikTok Accounts?


It has been reported that hackers that know the phone number of a user can access their account, by sending them a code. When clicked, this opens the account to the hacker, enabling them to do what they want.

Through this, hackers can upload content to a TikTok users’ account, delete their posts, message their contacts, or expose hidden videos to public view.

This is linked with a hacking technique known as phishing, whereby users receive fake emails and texts pretending to be from TikTok or other reputable users. These communications are designed and formatted to elicit information from the user that helps to expose their login information to hackers.

To avoid and protect yourself from this kind of hacking scam, take care to check the sender address of any email you receive – and never click on unknown links in messages.


Did you know that there are some harmful third party apps out there that track your keystrokes and deliver your login information to hackers?

Any third party app that offers its own keyboard application should be regarded with suspicion, in case a remote keylogger is being used to track and save passwords and other login information.

Poor Passwords

Unfortunately, this issue is rife across TikTok and other social apps and websites – and is something that only the user can improve.

A weak password, or one which you use across multiple applications, leaves you and your accounts subject to hacking. Using any words that are easily associated with you and your personal life can leave you exposed to issues because they are so easy to guess, which is why it’s so important to create random passwords.

Not only does this protect your log ins but it protects your personal data as well.

Suffice to say, there are a multitude of ways that a TikTok account can be hacked – and the more you can do to protect your online profiles, the better. We hope this helps!