How to Join a Live on TikTok

Live streams are a feature on TikTok, available only to creators that have more than 1,000 followers.  As one of…

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Live streams are a feature on TikTok, available only to creators that have more than 1,000 followers

As one of the most popular forms of content among creators who are keen to increase engagement and really connect with their followers, live streams are happening all the time on the app – with some creators scheduling and marketing their live streams to maximise viewers, while others will go live sporadically.

Joining a live means a number of things – whether you are a fellow creator or a follower keen to watch along and engage with the content in real time. 

In this article, we’re speaking specifically to creators who want to join the live stream of another creator – increasing the visibility of that content and pulling in a whole new audience of potential followers for both parties.

Why Should You Join a Live?

Collaboration is such a big part of creator engagement on TikTok and can encourage the communities of all those involved to grow and support each other. 

Not only do collaborations increase the number of eyes on a live stream, but they can result in new opportunities for the creators involved and allow creators to benefit from the prominence of other TikTok users.

And these don’t have to be planned! The beauty of the TikTok layout, and the fact that users can scroll through real time lives as and when they are playing out, means that you don’t have to be scheduled to join a live. Rather, you can simply request to join a live that you find and that interests you. 

Here’s how to do it.

3 Steps to Join a Live

  1. Click on the ‘Live’ button in the top left hand corner of your home screen and newsfeed on TikTok, to browse and scroll through the various live streams that are currently active
  2. When you find one that interests you or that you want to join, tap the ‘Multi-Guest Request’ icon 
  3. Select ‘Request’ to submit your request to join the live stream. If the creator accepts then your camera will go live, and you will join them on the screens of any users that are following the stream

Alternatively, you can remain an inactive part of the community, clicking into a live stream that interests you and simply engaging with the creator and their content as a user / follower. This is a great way to learn and see what works, to find out what other creators are sharing in their streams, and to discover what you can do with an engaged community.

NOTE: Not every creator will have the multi-guest option switched on – and even if they do, creators can only accept a maximum of 9 guests on any live stream. These limits are worth baring in mind, especially if you request to join the creator on their live stream but find your request blocked.

We hope this helps! Happy streaming!