How to Like a Live on TikTok

As is the case across every social media platform, regardless of the content type or the industry, the like button…

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As is the case across every social media platform, regardless of the content type or the industry, the like button is a universal sign of approval and appreciation.

When you like a post, a comment, or a page, you are saying that you agree with the message or want to show your support for the creator. And TikTok, with its plethora of engagement stats and touchpoints, is no different.

Here’s how to like a live stream on TikTok – and why sharing your appreciation for these lives is so important for creators.

What Is a Live?

A live on TikTok is a stream of content that followers can tune into and watch along live as the creator films and produces it.

Often with the support of a moderator, creators with more than 1,000 followers have the ability to start and host live streams, using it as an opportunity to share announcements, messages, or simple updates.

The more support that a creator gets during their live streams, the better rating they get within the algorithm. High support also culminates in more income for them through the receipt of gifts and diamonds from followers and TikTok.

One of the best ways to show support is by liking the live stream.

3 Steps to Like a Live

Did you know that you can share multiple likes during a live stream?

This is because users and followers typically respond to and like what is going on in the moment rather than the video as a whole. This kind of engagement lets creators know which parts of their videos earn the most positive response – helping them with future strategizing and content planning.

  1. Open the live that you want to watch and engage with
  2. Anytime you want to like the video or what the creator is doing / saying, double tap the screen
  3. When a heart appears, this means that you have liked the video

It’s as easy as that!

NOTE: You can share up to 500 likes per day as a user – so be careful not to use them all up on one live video! If you run out of likes or want to show your support in a different way, you can also send gifts to creators during their live stream or comment to increase engagement and to start conversations.