How to Link Instagram to TikTok

Cross-channel marketing is a growing phenomenon which has gathered momentum across the social media sphere in recent years. More and…

Cross-channel marketing is a growing phenomenon which has gathered momentum across the social media sphere in recent years. More and more influencers and brand profiles are connecting their social media apps and profiles to create a mor cohesive online experience, while tapping into the widest possible market and reaching the maximum number of engaged community members.

But this article is about more than just linking your social profiles and delivering a consistent online experience.

It’s also about the latest social media platform that is making waves in the industry and igniting new trends, marketing concepts, and interactions.

Yes, we’re talking about Tik Tok.

A video platform which allows users to create short form content to tap into any niche, its strength lies in the spread of trends and viral video formats, and in the way it makes short videos more engaging and interactive.

And many of these short form videos are also making their mark on Instagram – with increasing numbers of Tik Tok posts making their way into Instagram stories and Reels.

Here’s how to link the two apps and streamline your posting schedule across all of your top social media platforms.

The prominence and popularity of both Instagram and Tik Tok means that linking your profiles is a good way to ensure that your content reaches the widest possible audience.

To add your Instagram link to your Tik Tok profile, follow these basic steps.

Add Instagram to Your Tik Tok Profile in 4 Steps

  1. On your Tik Tok profile, select ‘Edit Profile’ then ‘Add Instagram’.
  2. Instagram’s login page will appear on your screen, inviting you to login as normal.
  3. Once in, you will be prompted to accept the request to connect Tik Tok and allow Tik Tok to access your Instagram.
  4. When these steps are complete and your Tik Tok features your Instagram link, you will find a button connecting your Instagram under the ‘Social’ header. This does nothing other than add a link to Instagram to your Tik Tok bio – posting and sharing content across the two platforms requires some manual intervention.

Adding Tik Tok to Your Instagram Profile

As above, you can also link your Tik Tok channel and profile within your Instagram bio – however, it’s worth noting that Instagram only enables one link.

The best hack to get around this is by creating a Linktree which brings a series of different landing pages and URL’s together under one link.

Sharing Your Tik Tok Updates on Instagram

If you’ve noticed the number of short videos on Instagram Stories that end with the Tik Tok username page and the Tik Tok logo, then this is how they do it.

  1. Open your Tik Tok app
  2. Create your new video either directly in the app or by uploading it from your camera roll, then click ‘Next’
  3. On the details page, select ‘Who Can Watch This Video’ and choose everyone – then click on the greyed out Instagram logo so that it becomes colourful.
  4. Once complete, click ‘Post’. Your video will be shared directly to Tik Tok for your followers and other users to view – meanwhile, you will be redirected to Instagram.
  5. Your Tik Tok will appear on your Instagram, alongside the option to upload it as a Story or a Feed post. Whichever you choose, follow the process of adding text and other details, before clicking ‘Share’.

The beauty of this process is that you can enjoy full control in how the user views your Tik Tok on both the Tik Tok platform and on Instagram!

Can You Share Instagram Posts to Tik Tok

At present, you can only share Instagram posts on Tik Tok via a manual save and repost process. There is no way of automatically sending a post from Instagram over to Tik Tok.

Are you Team Instagram or Team Tik Tok? Let us know your favourite platform – and why!

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