How to Loop a Video On Instagram

With so much weight now going into video content, and Instagram all but telling brands and creators that they need…

With so much weight now going into video content, and Instagram all but telling brands and creators that they need to create reels and videos if they want to stand out on the app, it follows that videos are rising in popularity. But we’re here to tell you that not every video has to be long and rambling.

In fact, you might just find that a two or three second video on loop is an infinitely more compelling piece of content than a video which lasts a minute or more.

Which is where looped videos come in.

A looped video is one which essentially replays itself a number of time – repeating the same few seconds of content over and over again.

And in this article, we’re telling you first why this form of video content works, and secondly how to achieve it.

Why Loop a Video On Instagram?

Before we move onto the how, let’s consider the why.

Looped video takes one short clip and turns it into a longer clip by repeating. This may sound simple and (dare we say it) almost pointless – but the truth is that this is an excellent way of really hitting home a message, showcasing something specific, or sharing something funny.

Some great examples of looped videos include funny reactions, stumbles and falls, and sneak preview footage of a new product or video that you’re editing.

Whatever it is, the beauty of a looped video is that you are only working with a few seconds of content, with the repetitive nature of this content meaning that the same visuals and messages are driven into the users mind.

How to Create a Looped Video: Option 1

Instagram’s looping video tool is also known as Boomerang – and is something that story creators are particularly familiar with.

Boomerang is a setting that you access in the stories feature, which captures a burst of photos which are then stitched together by Instagram to create a looping video.

The way that this footage is looped is relatively seamless, showing the footage in the right order and then reversing it back to the start before playing it again.

To picture this, imagine capturing a Boomerang of the moment two glasses clink together in a ‘Cheers’ motion. The full Boomerang would show the two glasses coming together, before rewinding them away from each other and starting again. That’s how a looped video via Boomerang works.

How to Create a Looped Video: Option 2

The former option is great for those who know they want to create a looped video or repeated clip, but don’t yet have the content to work with.

Option two enables you to create a looped video with existing footage.

Now, before we share this, it’s important to note that there is no single-touch loop function button on Instagram at present. The Boomerang tool introduced above is Instagram’s own offering and answer to looped video content – this is simply a hack that you can use!

  1. Upload your video clip as a new post or reel
  2. Click on ‘Next’
  3. Now click on ‘Edit Video’ at the bottom of the screen
  4. This opens up the editing screen whereby you can see exactly how long your video lasts and add other elements to that clip. Select ‘Add Clips’ from the carousel of options along the bottom of the screen
  5. Upload the same clip again and click ‘Next’
  6. You will see that the duration of your full video has doubled, and is now comprised of the clip playing once then repeating itself

And voila! An Instagram hack looped video, which lets you play the same clip over and over as many times as you want to.

We hope that these two options for looping videos help, and that you now understand a little more about what a looped video is and why you should try one!