How to Make a ‘Best Nine’ on Instagram

You may have noticed that as the year draws to an end, collage posts start popping up all over Instagram…

You may have noticed that as the year draws to an end, collage posts start popping up all over Instagram – shared by both private users and professional account holders, shining a spotlight on their top rated posts and favourite memories.

These are called ‘Best Nine’ posts because they pull together the most liked posts from your profile – and there’s nothing to say you can only do this at the end of the year! In fact, in 2024, we are seeing more people than ever share these monthly or even more regularly as they celebrate their own social media success.

Here’s how to find and produce a ‘Best Nine’ post for your Instagram.

Step 1: Find The Right Site

The term ‘Best Nine’ comes from a website which has the same name – but it’s not the only website which allows you to view and pull together your most-liked posts into a single collage. You can also try ‘Top Nine’ which does the same thing but from an app format.

Step 2: Share Your Handle

Once you’re on your chosen site, you need to enable that site to find your Instagram profile.

To do this, input your username or Instagram handle, granting the website access to all of your posts and engagement stats.

Step 3: Generate a Collage

This is the best bit – with the website that you’ve chosen pulling all of the top most-liked posts into a collage of your best performing content.

Via this, you can see not only which posts have been most popular but also which time of the year your followers seemed to be most engaged and whether there is a pattern behind the pieces they engaged with the most.

Step 4: Share The Collage

Once you’ve got your collage of nine posts, you can share it directly to Instagram – either as a post or as an Instagram story. You can also download and keep your ‘Best Nine’ collage for future reference and for use or sharing across other sites.

NOTE: If it’s the end of the year and you are seeing lots of other users generating a ‘Best Nine’ that they then share on Instagram stories, there may be a link for easy access to the same tool. Adding a link to the site you use is a good way to pass the trend on and keep momentum, encouraging others to produce and share their own top nine posts collage.

If nothing else, this is a fun and engaging way of celebrating your year on Instagram!