What is an Instagram Handle?

There are certain terms used in the world of social media which don’t always make sense away from the platform…

There are certain terms used in the world of social media which don’t always make sense away from the platform and among users who don’t use the apps regularly.

‘Instagram handle’ is one such term – though it’s meaning is remarkably simple.

An Instagram handle is essentially your unique username, or the name with which users can search and find your profile. It starts with an “@” which lets Instagram know that you are searching directly using a handle and can be your business name, your personal name, or something which reflects you.

NOTE: Your Instagram handle must be unique, which is why so many private users include underscores and numbers alongside their name, to create a handle which is clearly them, but which does not yet exist.

Who Can See Your Instagram Handle?

Aside from being the easiest way with which other users can search for and find your profile, your handle sits at the top of your profile page whenever someone views your page.

It is not to be confused with the Instagram Name, which is what sits directly under your profile image.

This name does not have to be unique and can read whatever you want.

Your Instagram Handle is at the top of the page and acts like your profile’s own address, or a blueprint for your profile on Instagram.

Why is the Instagram Handle Important?

Like we’ve mentioned, your Instagram handle is the unique address which allows other users to search for you directly.

It also forms the end of your unique URL, so is important when sharing your Instagram profile link across other platforms.

Finally, your Instagram handle is what other users will tag when they want to mention you directly in their own captions, on their own Instagram stories, or in a comment on another post.

Instagram Handle Need-To-Knows

  • Handles cannot be too long, and must not exceed 30 characters
  • Businesses can use their Instagram handle to highlight their business name or their industry
  • If your business or brand name is already taken, consider adding another word to the end of it which further enhances your niche and the link between your page and your business
  • For personal accounts, adding middle names and initials, or periods and numbers is an easy way to make a name unique

And one final tip for businesses… remember that if you want Instagram to become a core touchpoint in your marketing, your handle needs to be memorable and easy to reference on business cards and other platforms.

How long did it take, and how many failed attempts did you have to face, before you found a unique handle for your own Instagram page?