How to Make Instagram Bio Multiple Lines

Do you want to list your business services in your Instagram bio? Perhaps you want to add a new line…

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Do you want to list your business services in your Instagram bio? Perhaps you want to add a new line for each of your hobbies, or simply space out your personal information so that it creates a neat balance at the top of your profile?

Whatever your reasoning, adding multiple lines to your Instagram bio is a good way of spacing out your content and ensuring that both the important and individual points are all clearly marked.

Here’s how to do it…

5 Steps to Add Multiple Lines to Your Instagram Bio

Before we get started, a quick disclaimer. Your Instagram bio is created and typed out in a full screen box, and then transferred to your bio at the top of your profile when complete. This means that the format you create in the editing box is not the same as the final presentation of your bio – making this very much a process of trial and error.

  1. Head to your profile page on Instagram
  2. Click on ‘Edit Profile’ along the top of the page underneath your bio and profile picture
  3. Select the ‘Bio’ box to enter the bio editing screen
  4. Type your bio, hitting the ‘Return’ key on your device keyboard whenever you want to push your text down to a new line. If you want to leave a blank line with no text, you will need to add a dot or an emoji to that blank line in order for it to be acknowledged – if not, Instagram will close the gap to bring your content up a line.
  5. With each change or new line, click ‘Done’ to see how the final bio looks on your profile screen. This is where trial and error formatting comes into play, to ensure that you are 100% happy with the final look of your bio.

And voila! It may take some time to get used to, but once you know how to format your Instagram bio onto multiple lines you can make as many changes as you like.

We hope this helps!

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