How to Make Someone a Moderator on TikTok

TikTok Creators, this one’s for you. As a creator, you will probably already know about TikTok Live and the benefits…

TikTok Creators, this one’s for you.

As a creator, you will probably already know about TikTok Live and the benefits of hosting a Live stream once you’ve achieved 1,000 followers and fall into the eligible category.

But did you know that you also have the power to appoint moderators during a Live stream, to help you control and manage the flow of comments and questions that flood in during your session?

Moderators for a Live stream have to be selected and granted moderation permission by the creator, meaning that it is your job to ensure that they are prepared and ready before you go Live. In this article, we’re sharing the role of these moderators, how to appoint them correctly, and a few tips on ensuring that your moderators fulfil their role effectively.

The Role of a Moderator

There are two different types of moderator on TikTok.

The first set of moderators work behind the scenes at TikTok and are responsible for monitoring and managing any reports that are received relating to users or specific videos.

The second set of moderators are those that work across TikTok Live streams. These moderators are appointed by the creator themselves – and it’s these moderators that we are focussing on in this article.

TikTok Live moderators are chosen by the creator to help manage the comment stream and interactivity between and amongst followers of a live stream.

These moderators have the power to remove or pin comments to the top of a comment board, can respond to comments or questions, and can even remove users from the Live stream if their behaviour is deemed inappropriate.

How to Appoint a Moderator

If you are a creator and want to add a moderator to help you manage the interaction between followers during a Live stream, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the large plus sign in the bottom middle position on your screen
  2. Select LIVE from the carousel of options
  3. Tap ‘Settings’ then head into the Moderator settings

In this settings menu, you can add a moderator (or remove them) and adjust their permissions according to the support you need from them.

How to Optimise the Presence of a Moderator

TikTok moderators offer an extra layer of security for users and for creators during a Live stream – filtering out comments that are inappropriate and removing any comments or users who violate the terms of use.

In addition to monitoring the comment stream, moderators can set blocks on certain words and terms, and can steer conversation in the comments back to the right topic.

Their role is to restore and maintain order during a Live stream, acting on behalf of the creator who will be busy hosting the Live.

As such, the number one tip for creators is to choose a moderator who you know will be able to handle and manage the responsibility with ease.

We hope this helps! Moderators play a valuable part in maintaining order on TikTok – and can ensure that Live streams remain safe and friendly spaces to spend time online.