How to Make TikTok Private

TikTok is one of the best social media apps for creators who want to share their content and grow their…

TikTok is one of the best social media apps for creators who want to share their content and grow their audience; building a profile and a bank of content which supports their niche market or interests, and which connects them with their followers through a variety of content types.

But while the app is great for growth and expansion, it is also ideal for friends and family members who want to operate within a much smaller and tighter circle.

With features which are designed to maximise visibility and/or enhance privacy, TikTok has something for everyone.

Here’s how – and why – to make your TikTok private.

Why Make Your Profile Private?

If you want to use TikTok as a social platform, accessing videos that you are interested in while reserving your own content for people who know you, then we recommend changing your profile to private.

A private account requires permission for users to follow, meaning that anyone who wants to follow you will need to send a request before they can see any of your information or content. If you know them or are happy for them to join your exclusive community, you can accept the request – or you can deny it.

This gives you full control over who sees and interacts with your videos.

How to Make Your Profile Private

Luckily, it couldn’t be easier to make your TikTok profile private.

  1. Navigate to your profile page and tap on the menu button in the top right hand corner, indicated by the three horizontal lines
  2. Select ‘Settings and Privacy’
  3. Tap ‘Privacy’ in the top section of menu settings
  4. Switch on the toggle labelled ‘Private Account’

And voila! It’s as easy as that!

NOTE: Making your profile private will automatically transfer all existing followers into your exclusive community. This means that those who already follow you will not have to ask permission to follow you. If there are followers who you want to remove, you can do so manually – with them then needing to request to follow you if they want to do so at a later date.