How to Make TikTok Videos Longer

This is an article of a few parts – mainly because there are a few different ways of approaching and…

This is an article of a few parts – mainly because there are a few different ways of approaching and answering this question.

Filming a Longer Video

TikTok videos can be anywhere from a few seconds in length to 10 minutes – with creators able to film segments live, upload existing footage, or create a compilation which fuses the two together.

While you can select a longer duration and then opt to create and share a shorter TikTok, one of the most important things to note about creating videos is that you can’t add more time to a limited video. So, always overestimate how much content you will have, and then trim it down.

Adding Time to a TikTok Video

If you’ve got a selection of clips and images that you want to elongate and transform into a longer TikTok video, you can do so in the editing screen.

This screen allows you to slow down video clips or content and extend the length of time that an image appears on the screen – adding to the overall length of the video.

To get to this editing screen and tool, upload / film your content and make sure that your TikTok content type is set to ‘Video’. Then select ‘Edit’ from the dropdown menu on the right hand side of the screen.

You can then select each individual component and visual in your TikTok video and stretch it out so that it covers more time. You can align these images and visuals with the sound or audio that you’re using or focus first on the visual and then start exploring different sounds to match.

Things to Remember When Making a Video Longer

A longer video allows you to pack in more content and engage your followers for longer.

However, it’s important that your video still has an early hook and seeks to engage followers from the moment it starts. If not, there is a high chance that users will simply scroll past your video, regardless of how much value is packed into its length.

In short, don’t let a long video take away from the importance of a good hook and engaging content.

We hope this helps! Some of the most valuable and most compelling TikTok videos are longer in length – with our advice being to use as much or as little time as you need!