How to Make Your Instagram Story Longer

Do you want to increase the amount of content that you’re putting out to your followers, inspiring higher levels of…

Do you want to increase the amount of content that you’re putting out to your followers, inspiring higher levels of engagement? Perhaps you’re taking part in something exciting that you want to share, or you have a business account that you want to take to the next level with more behind the scenes content and updates?

Whatever it is, Instagram stories are a great way to funnel lots of content out to your followers quickly and effectively – with this article dedicated to making your Instagram story longer.

In short, if you want to make your Instagram story longer then you need to add more content to it.

Instagram stories are presented as short video clips or image stills, which users can click through quickly, or swipe through to bypass in one move.

When you add a new clip or a new image, your Instagram story is longer – with the update bringing your profile picture back to the front of an engaged follower’s homepage carousel.

3 Steps To Add To Your Instagram Story And Make It Longer

  1. Head to your profile and click on the plus button inside the square, on the top right hand side of the screen
  2. Select ‘Story’ then find the image or video that you want to upload
  3. When you’re happy with the story content, click ‘Share’

This will be added to the end of your existing story, where it will remain for 24 hours.

The more times you do this, and the more posts you add to your story, the longer it will be.

Can You Add Long Videos To Your Instagram Story?

If you have a video that is longer than the duration of a single Instagram story post, then Instagram will automatically select the first 60 seconds of the video to share.

On the Story edit screen, you can adjust this timer both in length (anything up to 60 seconds) and in where it starts and ends.

If you want to upload the entire video as a story, you can complete this process in chunks, to create one long video upload.

NOTE: There is no limit to how many posts you can upload to your Instagram story – so this is something you can repeat to your heart’s content! Many creators and businesses use stories to answer questions from their followers and will archive specific posts as Story Highlights for quick and easy future reference.