How to Pin Comments on TikTok Live

When a creator hits 1,000 follows on TikTok, they will find a world of follower engagement is suddenly open to…

When a creator hits 1,000 follows on TikTok, they will find a world of follower engagement is suddenly open to them. One of the most valuable features that becomes unlocked with a 1,000+ following is the ability to host TikTok lives, inviting followers to take part in a live online conversation where they can submit comments, send gifts, and watch as you live stream to the camera.

How a creator chooses to frame and use their live streams will depend on their end goal and how they want to engage with followers.

But regardless of how a live stream is managed, comments can be a really great way to influence the flow of content and find out more about what your followers think and want to see.

Here’s how to place emphasis on those comments by pinning the most interesting and thought-provoking ones at the top of the stream.

Why Pin Comments on a TikTok Live?

Pinning a comment during a TikTok Live means that the comment will remain at the top of the comment section for the duration of the live stream.

In essence, it means that the comment won’t become lost in a sea of other activity but rather will remain clearly visible to both the creator and other followers and viewers.

NOTE: Pinned comments can be those shared by anyone – including the creator or their selected moderator. It can be useful to pin comments which make specific announcements relating to the live stream or to the creator.

Who Can Pin Comments?

Comments can be pinned by the creator themselves who is hosting the live steam, or by moderators who are selected by the creator to help facilitate a good experience for everyone involved.

These moderators have control over the comment section and live stream chat, and can pin comments as well as remove them, place warnings on those posting inappropriate comments, and remove users from the live stream if necessary.

How to Pin Comments

Now that we know why comments are pinned and who has the power to do it, it’s time to focus on the how.

  1. Before even considering pinning a comment, you need to be a moderator or the creator behind a live stream. Regular users and followers have no control over the display or formatting of the comments on a live comment stream
  2. Find the comment that you want to pin in the chat section of the live stream
  3. Press and hold on the comment until a pop-up menu appears
  4. Select ‘Pin Comment’ – and voila!

Comments which are pinned will remain at the top of the comment stream until the TikTok Live is over, or the comment is unpinned again.

We hope this helps – happy streaming!