How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram?

Instagram is an ideal platform to post video content if you want to connect with other social media users. While…

Instagram is an ideal platform to post video content if you want to connect with other social media users. While carousels still get the most engagement, proportionally speaking, videos are also likely to gain high engagement rates. 

Unfortunately, there are time limits on video content when you upload them to your feed. Reels and in-feed posts are restricted in length, as are stories. However, there are two ways around this. Using IGTV and Instagram Live, you can still provide your followers with long-form video content. 

How to Post a Longer Video on Instagram

Of course, while Instagram Live gives you the option to upload for an unlimited period of time, it will only last for as long as you are recording. If you want to actually post a long video that your followers can access at their leisure, Instagram TV (IGTV) is the best option.  

When uploading to IGTV, you will be able to post up to 10 minutes of content. The good news is, posting to IGTV is easier than you may think. Here’s how you can utilize the feature: 

  1. Open the Instagram app and press the plus (+) icon.
    How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram
  2. Choose the video that you want to upload to Instagram.
  3. Press ‘Next.’
    How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram 1
  4. When the ‘Share As’ menu pops up, choose the ‘Long Video’ option to upload the whole video on IGTV.
  5. Press ‘Continue’ and then tap or slide the rectangular icon along the video preview to choose an appropriate cover image. 
  6. Add a title to your video.
  7. If you want to make it part of a series, press ‘Add to Series.’ If this is your first series, you will be prompted to make a name and add an optional description. 
  8. Choose ‘Post a Preview’ by activating the slider next to the option (it will turn blue). This will post a 15-second preview to your feed. 
  9. Press ‘Post’ to upload your IGTV video.

As you can see, this is a simple process. If you want to make sure that the right people find and watch your video, however, be sure that you add a concise description that tells people what they can expect from the video. 

There is another way to post long video content to Instagram, however. 

How to Post Long Videos on Instagram Without IGTV

If you don’t want to post one long video on Instagram, you can break up a longer video into shorter sections and post them individually. For example, you can break a long video into 60-second sections and upload it as an in-feed post, or edit it into 90-second sections and post these segments as reels.

How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram 2

With that aim, you can cut the video inside the Instagram app, but the app does not always offer the most precise control. If you want to ensure each video flows seamlessly into the next, it’s recommended to use a third-party app, such as CapCut, to get the best results. You can also edit other aspects of your video in this app. 

When you have your long video segmented in this way, you can upload each section to Instagram as an in-feed post or reel. If this is your preferred option, be sure to label the parts of your video, so that people can follow along with confidence. 

When you are ready to upload, simply hit the plus (+) icon, and choose the videos from your camera roll. Take care to upload them in the correct order (it can be easy to mix up unlabeled videos). With this, you now know how to upload longer videos to Instagram! 


Are long videos better than short ones? 

Longer videos are better if you are trying to deal with complex topics or convey a lot of information. However, if your main goal is to entertain, shorter videos or reels are often better with higher share value. Choose the format that suits your goals. 

Are IGTV thumbnails important?

The thumbnail you choose to represent your IGTV video is the primary thing other Instagram users will see. There are all kinds of people on Instagram, from business people to academics, so choosing a title and thumbnail that grabs attention and resonates with your ideal audience is crucial. Consider labels and text that quickly conveys what viewers can expect.   

How many hashtags should I use in an Instagram video description? 

There is no single number of hashtags that is correct. Use as many as you like – just ensure that the hashtags you choose are relevant to your post. 

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