How To Promote TikTok Videos

So, you’ve created a TikTok video that you think (and hope) has the potential to go viral – or at…

So, you’ve created a TikTok video that you think (and hope) has the potential to go viral – or at least earn your profile some serious attention from other users and the platform itself.

But how do you maximise its exposure and increase visibility?

Promoting your TikTok videos is a multi-layered process, which uses a blend of in-app tools and features, and your own social media marketing skills and prowess. In this article, we’re going to talk a little about the TikTok Promote feature as well as share some tips on promoting your video across different platforms and channels.

What is TikTok Promote?

Promote is an advertising arm on TikTok, which allows creators to share their content as ads – complete with basic insight stats and a direct link to your website.

There are limitations in place on the TikTok Promote platform, with all videos needing to be made public, use original or commercial audio, and be connected to a business or creator account.

To access TikTok Promote, you simply need to head to the Creator Tools section of your settings menu, and then select ‘Promote’. You will then be invited to select the video you want to promote, enter a website URL, and choose an action button to connect with the promotion. You then need to choose your audience demographic or let TikTok choose it for you and set the promotion budget – before starting the promotion period.

Throughout the duration of the promotion, you can tap into the insights regarding how many views your content is getting and how many viewers are taking and following the desired action.

NOTE: TikTok Promote is a paid service meaning that you have to determine and attach a budget to your videos before posting them as Promoted ads. If you don’t want to pay to promote your videos, you will need to explore other options…

Promoting Your TikTok Videos on Other Platforms

It’s not just TikTok where you should be promoting your videos.

In fact, some of the most successful creators and videos on the app earned that accolade through cross-channel promotion – with Instagram in particular lending itself to the easy sharing of TikTok videos in a digestible format Instagram Story format. When you share a TikTok video as an Instagram story, it closes the video with your TikTok username to guide followers towards your TikTok profile, making this a no-brainer in terms of boosting visibility.

In addition to sharing videos across other platforms, you can also promote your TikTok profile with a link in your bio – or add your TikTok as a direct CTA button on other social content.

We hope this helps you to boost the visibility of your videos and take your TikTok content to the next level!