How to Remove Accounts on Instagram

If you’re guilty of juggling one too many Instagram accounts, then this is the blog for you. Whether it’s a…

If you’re guilty of juggling one too many Instagram accounts, then this is the blog for you.

Whether it’s a business page that is no longer active, a personal account that has been dormant for years, or a niche fan page that you no longer have time for, removing an account can clear up your notifications tab and make the app easier to use.

Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to remove an account from your Instagram app.

But before we dive into the process of removing accounts from Instagram, a word of warning. Removing an account is not the same as deleting an account completely. Through the process of removing an account from your app, you essentially logout and remove the notifications for that account from your user interface – however, the account still exists and can be logged back into at any time.

5 Steps to Removing an Account on Instagram

  1. To remove an account, you need to be logged into it on your smartphone.
  1. Once on the account profile page, click on the three lines in the top right hand corner of the screen, and go into ‘Settings and Privacy’.
    How to Remove Accounts on Instagram 1
  1. Scroll right down to the bottom of the list of options, where you will see ‘Add Account’ and ‘Log Out’, in blue and red font respectively. Select ‘Log Out’.
    How to Remove Accounts on Instagram 2
  1. Once you do this, all of the accounts that are currently logged in your device’s Instagram app will appear. Make sure that the account you want to remove is selected with the blue button.
  1. Click ‘Log Out’ and watch the account disappear from your app!

Should you wish to reinstate this account at any time, you can do so by following Steps 1-3 and selecting ‘Add Account’. This will ask for the username and password, allowing you to readd the account.

Looking to Permanently Delete an Instagram Account?

If you want to rid yourself of an account completely, you might be looking for a more permanent solution in the form of a complete deactivation. This will remove the account from Instagram – to such an extent that your username will become available for someone else to start using.

To do this, follow steps 1 and 2 as explored above, but click on the ‘Accounts Centre’ option in your profile settings.

This will show you any links between your accounts and Facebook as part of the Meta-sphere and is where you can control sharing as well as logins and more.

To delete an account permanently:

  1. Select ‘Personal Details’
    How to Remove Accounts on Instagram 3
  2. Click on ‘Account Ownership and Control’
    How to Remove Accounts on Instagram 4
  3. Click on ‘Deactivation or Deletion’
    How to Remove Accounts on Instagram 5
  4. Make sure that you select the right account that you want to delete, and enter a reason for deleting the account as well as your password
  5. Start the 30-day countdown, whereby your account is disabled but still available for reinstation should you change your mind. Once the 30 days are up, your account will be permanently deleted.

Make Instagram Safe and Easy For You

Whether removing or deleting an account completely, there is support available via the Help Centre should you run into any issues.

Removing an account from your app takes minutes – and even better, is a process that can be reversed when required. Give it a try and let us know how you get on (but don’t forget to jot down the password and username before you log out – or you’ll never get back in!)

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