How to Remove TikTok Profile Picture

A profile picture is a window to your account and is one of the best ways to help prospective followers…

A profile picture is a window to your account and is one of the best ways to help prospective followers identify you.

Why does this matter?

Well, with millions of users on TikTok, the chances of you having a similar username to a selection of other users is high. Your profile picture is a quick and easy way to help people who know you – or are looking for you specifically – to identify which profile and account is yours. This is especially true when you use an image of yourself for your profile picture, or a logo if you are managing a brand account.

So, why might you remove this picture – and how do you do it?

Why Remove Your Profile Picture?

The main reasons why you might want to remove your profile picture is to anonymise your profile.

This could be to clear the slate amid a rebrand, or it could be because you want to conceal your identity and blend into the background on the app. It could even be a clever marketing tactic to get people talking – like how artists who are about t release new music suddenly change all of their social media posts without saying anything.

Often mystery is one of the best ways to spark interest – and there’s nothing so mysterious as a missing profile picture.

But how do you do it?

3 Steps to Change Your Profile Picture

  1. Navigate to your profile page on TikTok
  2. Click ‘Edit Profile’ underneath your profile picture and follower stats
  3. Select the camera icon, located in a circle which is overlapping with your profile picture. A pop up menu will invite you to change or view your avatar – to remove your profile picture, click ‘Change Avatar’ and browse the ideas below for the best ways to anonymise your profile…

Top Ideas to Anonymise Your Profile

Perhaps the easiest way to anonymise your profile is to replace your photo with a black screen. You can achieve this by selecting the ‘Change Avatar’ and then taking a new image with something covering the camera lens, so create a black screen.

Another thing you could do is choose a generic image or character who represents your industry or interest. For example, if you manage a fashion-based profile and want to opt for something impersonal but relevant, a picture of an outfit or a wardrobe might suffice.

Alternatively, you could opt for complete anonymity and an air of mystery by searching online for the ‘New User’ silhouette, saving the image, and uploading that as your profile picture.

All three of these suggestions will allow you to remove the personal side of your TikTok profile, leaving you with a generic aesthetic which compliments your page but doesn’t give away too much information.

We hope this helps!