How to Reset the Instagram Explore Page

The Instagram Explore page, also known as the Discovery page, is a great place to find content which relates to…

The Instagram Explore page, also known as the Discovery page, is a great place to find content which relates to posts and themes that you regularly view, interact with, and search for.

Backend algorithms tend to inform these pages so that Instagram shows you content that it thinks you will like and find interesting. However, it’s not always right – and sometimes can continue to show you specific streams of content long after it’s relevant (think, Brides who are planning their wedding, only to find the wedding inspiration continuing long after their wedding date!)

So, is it possible to reset your Instagram Explore page and start from scratch when it comes to linking your profile and user activity with the platforms algorithm?

Unfortunately, you can never 100% reset your Instagram Explore page – unless you create an entirely new account, that is. However, you can take steps to refresh the posts that are shown, and redirect Instagram in new directions with regards to the kind of content you want to see.

If you’ve browsed the current Explore or Discovery page and want to bring up some new content for inspiration, then simply flick your finger from the top of the screen in a downwards motion.

This immediately refreshes the screen – using the same data and algorithm, but with fresh content on show for you to browse.

How to Remove Certain Themes From Your Explore Page Experience

If there is a certain type of content or theme that you keep seeing on your Explore page, then you can take steps to remove this from your feed.

To do so, you need to let Instagram know that this is not content that you wish to see.

  1. Find a picture on the Explore page that reflects this theme or content style that you want to remove
  2. Hold your finger down on that image or video to bring up a pop-up action box
  3. Click on ‘Not Interested’
    How to Reset the Instagram Explore Page 1
  4. A small box will appear at the bottom of the screen which lets you know that Instagram will show you fewer posts like this in the future
    How to Reset the Instagram Explore Page 2

This is a quick and easy way to take control over some of the content that Instagram is feeding to you via its algorithm and the Explore page.

Alternatively, to give Instagram a little more information about what you don’t want to see, follow these steps…

  1. When on your Explore page, click on a post that doesn’t interest you or that you want to remove from your experience.
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of the screen above the selected post and select ‘Not Interested’ with the cross through the eye.
    How to Reset the Instagram Explore Page 5
  3. You will be invited to provide more information, including letting Instagram know words and themes that you don’t want to see suggested. You can also provide more information regarding your Suggested Content – including things you want to see, and things you don’t want to see.

Taking these steps will, over time, help Instagram to frame your Explore page with the kind of content that you want to see and engage with via the app.

Other Ways to Manage Your Instagram Explore Page Experience

Another thing that you can do to manage your Explore page experience includes clearing existing data from the app regarding your search history.

How you do this depends on your device, but it must be done via the Settings of your device rather than directly in Instagram. On an Android device, you can Clear Data from Instagram with ease. On an iPhone, the only way to do this is to delete and reinstall the app (making sure to recall and write down your log in details before you do, to ensure you can get back into your account!)

Finally, you can also simply start searching for new things via the Explore page search bar, giving Instagram new trends and interests to work into your Suggested Content and overall experience. This is a slow but effective way of reframing your Explore page and ensuring that it is relevant to your current interests.

We hope this helps to further personalise your Instagram experience!

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