How to Reset TikTok Algorithm

TikTok prides itself on tailoring and adjusting the user experience of every account holder, according to their searches, the content…

TikTok prides itself on tailoring and adjusting the user experience of every account holder, according to their searches, the content that they show an interest in, and the things that they say they want to see on the app when they first sign up.

The algorithm is always changing and uses your behaviour and activity across the social sphere to influence the kind of content you see and the themes that are presented in your newsfeed.

But while this is great to an extent, it can sometimes seem quite limiting. Especially if you want to discover new content but keep being shown topics and trends that you are familiar with already.

If this is the case and you want to reset your algorithm and unlock some different and fresh content, then keep reading!

How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work?

The algorithm is something that nobody can ever know 100%, as it happens behind the scenes of TikTok and influences things like the content that users see and the visibility of branded content and influencer posts.

What we do know is that the algorithm tracks your activity as a user and recognises things that you engage with most regularly, in an effort to construct a newsfeed full of content that TikTok thinks you will like.

So, anything you do see is likely influenced by moves you have made on the app and content you have engaged with.

Here’s how to change that algorithm and hit reset, so that you can start again and build up a presence in different communities…

The Quickest Way to Reset Your Algorithm

The quickest way to reset the algorithm which influences your TikTok experience is to clear the cache within your app settings.

The cache on TikTok is a form of data storage which tracks the activity you do and the things you search for and makes these things more readily available for your next visit. It essentially remembers what you searched for and makes those searches more accessible.

If you clear this cache, you essentially wipe the memory of your app and take a step back towards resetting your experience and TikTok journey. You can clear the cache from within your TikTok settings, selecting ‘Free Up Space’ and then ‘Clear Cache’ from your main privacy menu.

Another thing to do, in partnership with clearing the cache and as a standalone exercise, is to spend time scrolling through the ‘For You’ page – liking videos and content that you’re interested in and marking other content as ‘Not Interested’.

We hope this helps! TikTok is constantly changing its algorithm and making small adjustments to tailor your experience. We hope that this quick guide helps you to finetune your experience to make the app work for you.