How to Search Filters on Instagram

Filters work in a couple of different ways on Instagram. The simplest filters to access and use are those built…

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Filters work in a couple of different ways on Instagram.

The simplest filters to access and use are those built into the app by Instagram itself. These are available to adjust the colour setting, brightness, saturation, and tone on any image or video that you upload. They are accessible for both posts and Instagram stories and can be browsed on the edit screen right before you add a caption / text and share your post.

If you’re looking for something a little more interactive, then you may be interested in searching for filters that have been made by other creators. This is where you will find filters that resemble old movie frames, that turn your face into that of a dog or other animal, and where trending borders and backgrounds fill the screen around your face.

Here’s how to search and find the right filter for you.

Accessing Different Filters

Creator-made filters are available on Instagram story posts.

  1. Click on the ‘Add’ button to create a new story, then select the camera icon to capture a new photo or video.
  2. To the right of the big white button, you’ll see a carousel of circle-shaped images. Scroll through them (by swiping left) until you reach the end – a magnifying glass with ‘Browse Effects’ typed underneath.
  3. Click on this magnifying glass. A pop up will appear, showcasing some of the most popular filters of the moment.

There are a number of different ways to search through these and find one which works for you.

Browsing Available Filters

To browse is to look at what’s available, with no clear intention guiding your search.

You will see a number of headings along the top, reading things like ‘Trending’, ‘Appearance’, ‘Games’ and ‘Humour. These options give you some insight into the designs available, whether they are interactive and playful or designed to alter the aesthetic of your image, and more.

As you click on each of the headings, the options listed below will change.

Clicking on any one of the options listed will alter the small screen above, giving you an idea of how your image will look under that filter.

Accessing Filters That You’ve Saved

If this isn’t your first rodeo, and you have used and saved the filters used by others in the past, then this is where you will find all of those saved filters.

Your saved filters sit under the icon which looks like a flag facing downwards, next to the magnifying glass.

Want to Know How to Save Filters?

  1. Whenever you see a story that uses a filter, you will notice that underneath their username at the top of the screen is a set of three sparkly stars, next to a filter name and ‘by…’.
  2. Click on this title and name.
  3. A pop up will appear, telling you what the filter is called and who created it. Here you can Save the effect, try it immediately on your own screen, view the creators full roster of filters, or send it to someone else.

NB: If music or a soundbite is attached to the story, the audio track will be listed in the same location but with a music note preceding the title.

Searching For Filters

The final option available is to search for filters using keywords or creator names.

To search for specific filters, click on the magnifying glass at the far left of your filter pop up.

You will see a list of Popular Searches, as well as a search box. Here you can type in any keywords which take your fancy, whether it be bright and summery filters, movie-magic filters, cartoon filters, or something completely different.

You can truly have hours of fun browsing and trying out different filters, relating to various search terms and keywords that you enter into the search bar.

Filters are designed to transform the look of your screen for an Instagram story, and can link your update to an existing trend – or start something new!