How to Search on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform from which to discover new pages and profiles, find inspiration on everything from wedding planning…

Instagram is a great platform from which to discover new pages and profiles, find inspiration on everything from wedding planning to garden styling, and learn more about your favourite brands.

While the app itself does a great deal of the legwork in terms of recommending users to follow and suggesting pages that you might like, for many users the search function allows them to finetune their experience and find exactly what they’re looking for.

But how does the Instagram search feature actually work? In this article, we answer this and other search-related questions.

Where to Find The Search Feature

With Instagram so hot on recommended content and the benefits of Instagram as a discover and inspiration-heavy platform, the search feature is easy to find and even easier to use.

From your Instagram homepage, click on the magnifying glass icon along the bottom of the screen. This will open your Discover page, which should be packed with content that relates and links to things that you regularly search for.

Click in the search bar along the top of the page to create your own specific search. As you type, Instagram may suggest searches that will interest you – or you can persevere with your own specific search.

Whatever you’re looking for, the search bar is designed to help make your experience as personal to you as possible!

What Can You Search For?

Once you’re in the search feature, you will notice a series of headings along the top of the page.

These are designed to further filter your search, taking your search term and offering suggested Accounts, Audio clips, Tags, Places, and Reels.

What this means for users is that you can take your single search term, for example ‘Weddings’ and get back a ton of information which combines recommended accounts to follow, audio clips to use on your own reels, inspiration reels, and suggested places and posts that use wedding-related tags.

NOTE: You can also filter your search to only show accounts and profiles specifically, by adding an ‘@’ sign at the front of the search. Similarly, adding a ‘#’ hashtag symbol to the front of your search will exclusively show posts which use that same hashtag in their caption.

From a user point of view, the search feature on Instagram is designed to finesse and deliver the experience that you want. Not only is it easy to find on the app but it is super easy to use, recommending, suggesting, and finding content and accounts that best fit your preferences and interests.