How to See Someone’s Reposts on TikTok

Reposts on TikTok are a fun way of seeing what other users are watching and engaging with. It can be…

Reposts on TikTok are a fun way of seeing what other users are watching and engaging with. It can be an informative way of gaining insight into their interests and may help creators who are keen to create and develop content specifically for their target audience.

After all, the more you know about your followers and what they are engaging with on TikTok, the more you can focus your content on those areas.

But how do you view someone else’s reposts? Is this content which is readily available on TikTok? Let’s take a closer look.

Introducing the Repost Feature

The repost feature is what allows users to share a video they like with their followers.

For the original poster, this increases the visibility and reach of their video, which is hugely beneficial for their own profile.

For the user who reposts the video, this kind of action lets TikTok’s algorithm know a bit more about what you are interested in – not to mention it also boosts your own visibility and sense of community.

The reasons to use this feature are wide-ranging. But as a user, how can you see which videos have been reposted by another user or friend who you follow.

Finding a User’s Reposts

If you want to know who has reposted your video, you can access this data as the original creator via your notifications tab.

If you are interested in seeing the reposts of another user in one place, regardless of who posted the original content, then you can only do this through third party apps which connect to TikTok. As these inhibit on some of the privacy policies set out by TikTok and its community guidelines, such apps should be approached with caution and are not encouraged by the platform itself.

Finally, you could always just ask the user what they are interested in and ask to see some of the videos that they have reposted! You never know – they may be more than happy to share!