How to See Who Shared Your Instagram Post

Ever wondered how and whether your content is getting the reach it deserves? Then you may be interested in finding…

Ever wondered how and whether your content is getting the reach it deserves?

Then you may be interested in finding out exactly who has shared your posts, and where your content is being picked up and seen.

And luckily, accessing this information and more couldn’t be easier – using the notification centre, as well as Instagram Insights.

The availability of these tools depends largely on your profile type. Only business and creator accounts can unlock the Insights tool, while private users can see who directly engages with their posts through their notifications.

Here’s how it works.

How to Check Post Engagement As a Private User

  1. On your Instagram homepage, click on the heart icon along the top of the page
    How to See Who Shared Your Instagram Post 1
  2. Any new notifications and activity will be indicated with a red dot on the heart, and an orange box underneath telling you if you have received a comment or a like on one of your posts
    How to See Who Shared Your Instagram Post 2
  3. This notification stream lets you know who has interacted, engaged with, and/or shared your content

How to Check Who Shared Your Business Post

If you manage a business or creator profile, then you can enjoy access to Instagram Insights.

Accessible via the menu in the top right hand corner of the screen, scroll down the menu to ‘Insights’ with a chart icon next to it, and click.

From here, you can see all of the accounts that you’ve reached, with the option to expand the timescale on show or narrow it down to the last 24 hours if you choose.

The Content section of your Insights page gives direct information about each post that you share, letting you know just how well each piece of content has performed and how high and wide the engagement has been.

Why Is It Useful To Know Which Posts Have Been Shared?

As a business or creator, being able to see which of your posts have been shared, and by who, is a useful way of tracking which style of content is most relatable to different users.

Being able to see which profiles are sharing your content and posts can also spark collaboration and partnerships between business accounts and those accounts with a large following that are happy to share posts and updates.

Finally, as a personal account holder, being able to see who is sharing your posts to their story can help to track activity on your posts.

How to Disable Post Sharing in 3 Steps

If sharing is not something that you want to enable or encourage, then you can switch post sharing off by following these steps:

  1. Click on the menu button from your profile page, located in the top right hand corner
  2. Select ‘Settings and Privacy’ then scroll down to ‘Sharing and Remixes’ which is listed under the section on How Users Can Interact With You
  3. Here you can adjust and tailor your sharing permissions, turning off the toggle which allows users to share your posts and stories to their own followers

It’s also worth noting that if you manage a private profile, anything which is shared by your followers will not be seen by any user who doesn’t also follow you.

Post sharing can be a valuable tool for businesses – but it is not always necessary or wanted. If you aren’t comfortable with your posts being shared to an audience outside of your following, then the above steps give you complete control over your posts and what happens to your content.

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