How to Set Up Instagram Shopping

Seventy percent of Instagrammers actively use the platform to look for shopping inspiration. Showcasing your products on Instagram is a…

Seventy percent of Instagrammers actively use the platform to look for shopping inspiration.

Showcasing your products on Instagram is a no-brainer — and setting up Instagram Shopping is the obvious next step.

Instagram Shopping makes it easy for customers to browse your collections. Once they find something they love, they can buy it in just a few clicks.

Are you ready to get started? This guide shows how to set up Instagram Shopping step-by-step.

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping: A Quick Overview

Your customers already use Instagram to explore your products. Instagram Shopping ensures that buying them is easier than ever before.

Setting up Instagram shopping isn’t difficult — but it is a bit of a pain.

This quick overview shows you what’s in store if you set up Instagram Shopping:

1. Make Sure Your Brand Qualifies for Instagram Shopping

You can only set up Instagram Shopping if:

  • Your brand has an Instagram business account.
  • You are in a supported market.
  • You meet Instagram’s commerce eligibility requirements.
  • You already run an eCommerce website.

2. How to Set Up Instagram Shopping

Does your business tick all the right boxes?

Here’s a quick look at how to set up Instagram Shopping:

  • Create a Shop with Commerce Manager.
  • Pick a checkout method.
  • Link your Facebook business page to your Instagram account.
  • Make a product catalog for your Instagram Shop. You can integrate your eCommerce platform or manually add products through Commerce Manager.
  • Submit your account for review.

Instagram takes a couple of days to a week to review your Instagram Shopping application.

Once you’re all set, you can start using Instagram to attract more customers and boost your sales!

Sadly, that quick look makes setting up Instagram Shopping look a lot easier than it is.

Are you feeling a little lost? Are you feeling a little lost? Don’t worry — we’ll break it into bite-sized chunks!

Who Can Get Approved for Instagram Shopping?

Setting up an Instagram Shop is a great way to boost your sales.

Are you eager to get started? Make sure your brand is eligible for Instagram Shopping first:

Step 1: Switch to an Instagram Business Account (if You Haven’t Already)

Only users with Instagram business accounts can set up Instagram Shopping.

Do you still have a personal Instagram account? Switching is easy:

  • Launch Instagram and tap the hamburger menu on the top right.
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Scroll down to find “Account.” Tap it.
  • Choose “Switch to professional account” at the bottom. This option appears in blue text.
  • Follow the instructions.

Step 2: Make Sure You Are in a Supported Market

Instagram Shopping isn’t available everywhere yet. Check if your brand is in a supported market first.

You qualify for Instagram Shopping if you’re in the United States, Canada, or other eligible countries.

Step 3: Check the Instagram Commerce Eligibility Requirements

Your brand qualifies for Instagram Shopping if you sell eligible physical products. You also need to comply with Instagram’s commerce eligibility requirements.

Step 4: Set up an Ecommerce Website

Instagram Shopping allows your customers to buy the products they discover on Instagram in just a few easy clicks.

Your customers can check out through the app if you’re in the US — or you can redirect them to your eCommerce site.

Either way, your brand needs to have an active eCommerce site to set up Instagram Shopping. If you don’t have one yet, start there.

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping: A Step-by-Step Guide

Settle in for a long ride — setting up Instagram Shopping takes a while.

When you’re ready, follow along to get started on Instagram Shopping:

Step 1: Use Meta’s Commerce Manager to Create a Shop

Creating a shop on Commerce Manager, the shop-managing tool for Facebook and Instagram, is your first step toward setting up Instagram Shopping.

Is your brand based in the United States? Meta’s Commerce Manager allows customers to check out through the Instagram app.

Are you based somewhere else? Commerce Manager integrates with supported eCommerce platforms that include:

  • Shopify
  • Shopline
  • Socialhead
  • BigCommerce
  • Productsup

Step 2: Choose Your Checkout Method

The checkout method you choose determines where your customers pay for your products.

Checkout on Instagram is available to all US-based businesses with Instagram Shopping. Use it if you can — the added convenience will boost sales.

It’s easy to switch to a different checkout method too:

1. Launch Commerce Manager and Hit ‘Settings’

Open Commerce Manager and click on your Instagram Shop.

Select “Settings” from the menu on the left.

2. Select a Checkout Method

Choose your preferred checkout method and click the gear icon.

Confirm your choice by clicking “Change” in the top right.

3. Choose Sales Channels

Let Instagram know which Instagram business account you want to link with your existing eCommerce page.

That’s it!

Step 3: Connect Your Brand’s Facebook Page to Your Instagram

Do you already have a Facebook business page? Link it to your Instagram account next.

Your brand doesn’t have to be on Facebook if you want to set up an Instagram Shop, but Commerce Manager will work better if you link your Facebook account.

Here’s how to link your Facebook page to your Instagram shop:

1. Launch Instagram and Select ‘Edit Profile’

Tap “Edit Profile” at the top of your screen.

2. Go to ‘Public Business Information’

Next, tap “Page.”

Instagram will prompt you to link your account to a Facebook page. Choose “Connect to existing page.”

3. Link to Your Brand’s Facebook Business Page

Tap to confirm.

All done!

Step 4: Upload a Product Catalog to Your Instagram Shop

Now that you’ve gone through the tricky technical steps, it’s time for something more exciting — showcasing your products on your Instagram page!

You have a few different choices.

If you want to get your Instagram Shop up and running as quickly as possible, integrating your eCommerce platform with Instagram Shopping is the way to go.

Shopify and BigCommerce are just two of the eCommerce platforms that integrate seamlessly with Instagram Shopping!

If you prefer, you can also manually add products to Commerce Manager.

Option 1: How to Integrate Your Ecommerce Page into Instagram Shopping

Integrating supported eCommerce platforms into Instagram Shopping is easy:

  • Open Commerce Manager.
  • Select “Data Sources” from the Catalog menu.
  • Choose “Add Items.”
  • Hit “Use a Partner Platform.”
  • Choose your eCommerce platform from the dropdown menu.
  • Select “Connect eCommerce platform” to continue.

Clicking “Connect eCommerce platform” takes you to the eCommerce platform your brand uses. You can then finish integrating your eCommerce page into Instagram Shopping on the supported platform’s site.

Option 2: How to Add Products to Instagram Shopping Through Commerce Manager

Adding products to Instagram Shopping through Commerce Manager takes longer but gives you more control.

Just follow along:

  • Open Commerce Manager.
  • Hit “Catalog” and select “Add Products.”
  • Pick “Add Manually.”

You can now upload product photos and descriptions. Keep track of your inventory by adding product identifiers or SKUs through the Content ID section.


  • Link to the relevant eCommerce page.
  • Add an up-to-date price for each product.
  • Let your customers know how many products are in stock.
  • Add more info about your products — brands, colors, sizes, and the item’s condition. Let your followers know about your shipping options and return policy.

All done? Phew! Click “Add Product” to upload your items to Commerce Manager.

Keep going until you’ve created an entire product catalog. Make sure to add at least nine products. Instagram will reject applications with fewer products.

Step 5: Submit Your Account for Review to Open Your Shop on Instagram

Congratulations — you’re done with the hard part of setting up Instagram Shopping. The rest is up to Instagram.

Here’s how to submit your account to Instagram for review:

1. Go to Your Instagram Profile

Tap the hamburger menu and choose “Settings.”

2. Hit ‘Sign Up for Instagram Shopping’

Tap “Get Started” and follow the prompts. Submit your account for review.

The wait is on! Don’t forget to check “Shopping” in your settings often to see if Instagram has approved you yet!

Step 6: You’ve Done It! Time to Turn Instagram Shopping On

Instagram usually takes a few days to a week to review your account and approve your Instagram Shop.

Were you approved for Instagram Shopping? Congratulations! Now, you just need to turn Instagram Shopping on to start bringing in sales:

1. Launch Instagram Profile Settings

Head for the “Business” section in account settings.

Select “Shopping.”

2. Choose a Shopping Catalog to Connect

Select the catalog you’d like to upload and click “Done.”

Instagram shopping is now active! That’s a great start — but you have a lot more work to do to start bringing in sales!

Why Weren’t You Approved for Instagram Shopping?

Setting up Instagram Shopping is hard enough when the process goes smoothly. What if you submitted your account for review, and Instagram turned you down?

Instagram only approves business account holders who comply with its commerce eligibility requirements. You will be rejected if you don’t, but it’s also possible that:

  • Your business account profile isn’t complete.
  • You are new to Instagram and haven’t grown a presence yet.
  • You are using a VPN. Instagram might think you’re not in a supported market in that case.
  • You’re traveling and aren’t in a supported market.
  • Your product catalog isn’t large enough — Instagram wants to see at least nine items to approve your brand for Instagram Shopping.

If your brand was rejected for Instagram Shopping, wait a while. Build your Instagram presence and try again.

How to Make Shoppable Instagram Posts

You’ll need more than a gorgeous virtual store and snappy product descriptions to create a booming Instagram Shop.

Step 1: Create a New Photo Post

Create a new Instagram post the same way you always do. Use the dropdown menu to choose whether you want to create a post, reel, story, or live video.

You can now add a single photo post or a carousel post with up to 10 different photos.

Add a compelling caption, choose some filters, and pick the best hashtags.

Step 3: Hit ‘Tag Products’

Now that your Instagram Shop is up and running, you can tag products in the same way you would tag people.

“Tag Products” is the second option on your screen. Tap it.

Step 3: Decide Where Your Product Tag Should Go

Tap the place in the photo where you want the product tag to appear.

Step 4: Tag the Right Product

After tapping the photo, Instagram opens your product catalog. Use the search bar to find the product you want to showcase in your post.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat

Would you like to tag more than one product? No problem! Just repeat the steps.

Step 6: Hit ‘Done’

That’s it! You’ve created a shoppable Instagram post that makes it super easy for your customers to spend money!

How to Make Instagram Shopping Stories

Instagram Stories are another great way to show your products off.

Create a new story and then:

Step 1: Tap the Sticker Icon

Find the sticker icon in the top right corner and tap it.

Step 2: Pick a Product Sticker

Choose the right product sticker from the list. Tap it to add the sticker to your Instagram Story.

Step 3: Customize Your Product Sticker

Customize the colors of your product sticker to make it stand out. Decide where you want your sticker to go.

It’s that easy! Tapping on the product sticker will take your customers to the right product on your Instagram Shop.

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping Ads

Ads are a great way to make your Instagram Shop more visible. The ads you create can take your customers directly to Instagram Checkout, or they can point to your eCommerce site.

Here’s how to boost a shoppable Instagram post:

Step 1: Find the Shoppable Instagram Post You Want to Boost

Decide which post you’d like to boost, and tap it.

Step 2: Tap ‘Promote’

Find “Promote” in the bottom right corner of your post. This button is blue and has white text.

Tap it.

Step 3: Set Your Instagram Ad Up

Instagram now prompts you to choose:

  • The target audience for the ad.
  • Your budget.
  • How long you want the ad to be visible.

Step 4: Hit ‘Create Promotion’

Tap “Create Promotion” when you’re ready. The ad will go live once Instagram reviews and approves it.

How to Host an Instagram Shopping Live Stream

Is your business based in the US or Canada? You have a unique opportunity to connect with your audience through Instagram Shopping live streams.

Shopping live streams allow you to:

  • Show your latest products off
  • Host product Q&As
  • Entice customers to get spendy

Here’s how to get started with Live Shopping on Instagram:

Step 1: Set Up a Live Stream

Tap the camera icon at the top right when you’re ready. Hit the “Live” button at the bottom.

Step 2: Tap ‘Shopping’

You can pick the products you want to show off in your live stream there or select an entire collection.

Step 3: Go Live

Tap the “Broadcast” button to start your live stream. You can now pin preselected products whenever you want.

Instagram takes viewers who tap on your product tags right to your brand’s Instagram Shop. They can learn more about your products or make purchases from there!

How to Make an Instagram Shopping Guide

Instagram Guides are mini blogs that seamlessly blend gorgeous visuals with in-depth info. Built with existing Instagram posts, these guides look like carousels.

Here’s how you do make an Instagram shopping guide:

Step 1: Launch Instagram and Hit +

Tap the + symbol in the top right corner to create a new post. Choose “Guide” from your options.

Step 2: Choose ‘Products’

There are three types of Instagram Guides — Places, Posts, and Products. Pick “Products” to create an Instagram shopping guide.

Step 3: Pick an Item to Showcase

You can use Instagram’s search feature to find the product you’d like to show off.

Saving the items you want to curate into a shopping guide to your wishlist first speeds the process up.

Tap “Next” when you’re done.

Step 4: Add a Title and Description

Name your Instagram shopping guide and craft a compelling description to draw your customers in.

You can also choose a cover photo for your guide.

Step 5: Add More Products

Repeat the last steps as many times as necessary to add more items to your shopping guide.

Step 6: Tap ‘Next’ and ‘Share’

Tap “Next” when your Instagram shopping guide is ready. Hit “Share” to post it.

How to Boost Sales Through Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping can do wonders for your sales — instead of just looking for inspiration, your customers can find products they love and buy them instantly.

That doesn’t mean your sales are guaranteed to go up once you have an Instagram Shop. You also need to:

1. Create Professional Photos to Showcase Your Products

Instagram is all about visuals. You can’t just snap a photo on your phone. Share beautifully-arranged products with appealing backgrounds to boost your sales. Make sure they’re high-quality.

2. Post Videos to Show the Quality of Your Products

Modern shoppers aren’t satisfied with pictures. Videos show what your product can do and what it looks like in real-time.

3. Create a Strong Brand Image

Instagrammers will connect with your brand if you manage to develop a strong and unique image that makes you instantly recognizable.

4. Share Promotional Codes

Instagram users love the convenience Instagram Shopping offers them as much as you do. They still have plenty of other places to shop. Why should they choose your Instagram Shop?

Try sharing unique promotional codes on your Instagram page to entice customers/

5. Share Your Customer’s Posts

When your customers make posts that feature your products, share them! This is an easy way to generate buzz. It also lets your followers know you care.

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping: A Final Word

In summary:

  • Start by checking that you qualify for an Instagram Shop.
  • Use Commerce Manager to create a shop.
  • Upload a product catalog or integrate your eCommerce platform into Instagram Shopping.
  • Submit your account for review and wait to be approved.

Tap “Business” and then “Shopping” in your account settings, and add a catalog, to turn Instagram Shopping on.

Setting up Instagram Shopping is tricky — but worth it. You’ll be raking in sales before you know it!

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