How to Share a Reel on Instagram

There are two different ways that you can share a reel on Instagram. You can either share a reel that…

There are two different ways that you can share a reel on Instagram.

You can either share a reel that you create yourself, or you can share a reel that you’ve seen on your news feed or on your Discovery page – provided the creator has enabled their reel to be publicly shared.

Let’s start with the former: sharing a reel that you’ve created yourself.

How to Create and Share a Reel

  1. From your profile page, click on the plus sign in a square box which you will find located in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Select ‘Reel’ – bringing up the New Reel screen.
  3. Now it’s time to get creative. Via this screen you can access existing templates, combine your favourite video clips and images in a Reel that’s made for you by the app, or start from scratch and put together your own short form video content.
  4. Once you’re happy with the imagery you’ve selected, click ‘Next’.
  5. This will take you to the audio selection, where you can browse the recommended and trending audio clips, or search for something specific.
  6. Once you’re happy with your audio selection, click ‘Next’.
  7. This is the final stage, where you can check your reel as a combination of clips and images set to music. Add any text or extra features and hit ‘Share’.

Your reel will be shared as a standard post on your news feed and will appear on your profile under the Reels and Videos grid section.

Once posted, you can share your own reel to your Instagram story or send it directly to a user, by clicking on the paper airplane icon to the right hand side of the viewing screen.

How to Share Someone Else’s Reel

If you see a reel that you like and that you want to send to another user, here’s what to do…

  1. Click on the paper airplane icon under the reel that you want to share
  2. This will open a pop up box, whereby you can see exactly what options are available to you. If the reel is public, you will be able to add it to your own Instagram story by clicking ‘Add to Story’, send it directly to another user via DM, or copy the link and send it via WhatsApp or another platform.

If the reel is private, this pop up will only allow you to send the reel to those users who also follow the creator. You also will not be able to add the reel to your own Instagram story, though you will still be able to copy the link and send it via other platforms.

NOTE: If the recipient of your link does not have Instagram and does not follow the creator’s profile, they won’t be able to view the reel.

Sending a Private Reel to Someone Who Doesn’t Use Instagram

Finally for a quick hack.

If you want to send a reel to someone who doesn’t use Instagram, even if that reel is private, then the best thing to do is to directly capture what is on your screen via a screen record feature on your device. This will then save the reel as a video clip on your device, that you can send to anyone.

We hope this helps!