How to Share a Reel on Instagram Story

If you’ve created a reel and think that it has the power to go viral (if only you could boost…

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If you’ve created a reel and think that it has the power to go viral (if only you could boost its visibility), then you might want to consider sharing it to your story.

Sharing a reel or other piece of content on your story means that those who miss your content in their newsfeed will still have a chance to view your reel – clicking through to the full screen reel from your story in one swift movement. This increases the pairs of eyes that will see your reel, which is good for the algorithm and tells Instagram that your content is engaging and relevant to your target audience.

And we’ve got good news for creators, because sharing your reel on your Instagram story couldn’t be easier!

3 Steps to Share a Reel on Your Story

  1. Head to your Instagram profile and, using your main grid feed or your dedicated reel grid, find the reel that you want to add to your story
  2. Click on the paper airplane icon which is underneath the small screen view of your reel, or underneath the like and comment icons on full screen view
  3. Select ‘Add to Story’ along the bottom of the pop-up menu

This will open your reel as a story, placing the full screen viewer mode into the centre of your story screen with a space around the outside for your chosen caption or added stickers and features.

You can then edit your story as preferred, before sharing it with your followers!

And there you have it – quick and effortless sharing, which enables your reel to reach a wider audience and be seen by more followers!