How to Slow Down TikTok Videos

Today’s article is all about the “slow-mo” trend on TikTok – taking videos are slowing their playback speed right down…

Today’s article is all about the “slow-mo” trend on TikTok – taking videos are slowing their playback speed right down so that the content is easier to digest and clearer to watch.

Slowing down your TikTok videos is something that you can do when recording, creating those playful videos of pets running towards you in slow motion, or poking fun at a friend’s hilarious fall by playing it back in slow motion.

And it’s not just humour that can be added through slow motion. This editing tool is also really useful when creating guides or how-to videos, enabling you to really unlock the intricacies of the footage for followers to enjoy.

Without further ado, here’s how to slow down your TikTok videos, to make content easier for your followers to enjoy!

Creating a Slowed Down Video on TikTok

This particular section is dedicated to the creation of a brand new video using the slow motion tool.

  1. Open TikTok and select the large plus sign in the bottom at the centre of your screen
  2. Select the ‘Speed’ button and choose whether to speed the footage up by 2x or 3x or slow it down to 0.5x
  3. Start recording your video and watch how the time elapsed differs from how much time you record for. If you choose to record at half speed, the time elapsed will be double the number of seconds of footage you record

Once complete, your footage will run at the selected speed. However, it is worth noting that accessing the slow motion function in this way grants little flexibility with regards to differing speeds throughout your video.

Because of this, most creators choose to record their footage as normal and then adjust the speed during the editing process.

Editing and Slowing Down a Video Post-Recording

The most flexible way of adjusting the speed on your TikTok video is to do it after recording. This enables you to slow down specific parts of the footage before returning to a normal speed for the rest of the video.

Here’s how to do it…

  1. Once you’ve filmed your video, enter the editing screen
  2. Using the Clip Editor tool, break your footage into smaller chunks and select the clip that you want to slow down. If, for example, you’re filming a how-to video, you might choose to slow down a particularly intricate of fiddly part of the video
  3. You will find that editing the speed after creating the film is not only easier but also provides more choice with regards to the different editing speeds. You can choose between 0.1x speed right up to 10x speed if you want to – the choice is yours!

And there you have it! Slowing down your videos is a great way to make the content more accessible and ensure that your videos are both engaging and memorable. We hope this helps!