How to Stream Games on TikTok

If you love TikTok and you love gaming, you might be pleased to know that you can now interact with…

If you love TikTok and you love gaming, you might be pleased to know that you can now interact with both – at the same time!

TikTok now has a gaming feature that connects you with a variety of games live on the app – not only letting gamers play their favourite games but also connecting them with fans who can watch along and see how top gamers interact with and navigate challenging tasks and obstacles.

Streaming games is a relatively new form of entertainment, whereby gamers can stream themselves live to followers who watch them play and interact with other players.

There are a few limitations in place, namely around eligibility with regards to live streaming the game. For example, you have to have at least 1,000 followers to deliver any kind of live stream content, and you have to have a screen recorder application downloaded onto your device which enables what you are doing to be captured and screened to followers. An example of this kind of app is CameraFi.

Here’s how to do it…

7 Steps to Stream Games Live on TikTok

If you meet the conditions above and are ready to dive into gamer live streaming on TikTok, here’s how to do it.

  1. On a PC device, open your CameraFi Live app and select ‘Custom RTMP’ on the Screen menu
  2. Your screen will be split into two columns – one for the game, and one with the streaming button
  3. Open TikTok on the same device and click ‘Live’
  4. Select ‘Broadcast on PC’ to connect your CameraFi app with your TikTok app
  5. A streaming key will appear which contains the server URL and a key code for streaming. You need to copy the server URL from TikTok and input it into the RTMP URL box on CameraFi
  6. Now copy the TikTok streaming key code and place it in the CameraFi streaming button
  7. Click ‘Start’ on CameraFi and then ‘Live’ on TikTok

Your two apps are now connected and streaming your gaming experience completely live.

This is a great way to deliver a cohesive experience for gaming lovers who want to watch you play some of the best games on the internet.

Connecting Your Game With the Right Audience

If you’re wondering how to connect with and stream to the right people, our advice is to build a TikTok profile that is geared towards gaming. If all of your content centres around gaming, then it follows that the audience you build will share those same interests.

Collaborations are big business in the world of gaming, with some of the most compelling content seeing two gaming streamers coming together to battle it out on a much-loved game. This kind of collaboration live stream can earn both players a boost in their following.

You should also consider turning game streams into shareable content – think memes, GIFs, and overviews of your gameplay strategy and success. You can turn your stream into digestible chunks of content by recording and editing or accessing third party apps.

We hope this helps you to turn a passion for gaming into relatable and engaging content on TikTok!