How to Switch to a Personal Account on Instagram

Instagram afficionados will know that there are different types of account available, based on how you want to use the…

Instagram afficionados will know that there are different types of account available, based on how you want to use the app and whether it’s part of your business marketing or your personal social life.

Business accounts, creator accounts, and personal accounts operate in much the same way from a user perspective – with a few differences floating behind the scenes.

Business accounts give you a great deal of insight into how well your individual posts are performing and allow you to put money behind boosting your posts and getting them into the feeds of targeted users.

Creator accounts are tailored towards influencer types, and provide information about follower numbers, engagement statistics, and more.

Personal accounts are the most straightforward – with more and more users stripping away the complex data and simply sharing for the sake of sharing.

Here’s how to make your Instagram experience more straightforward, by switching to a personal account.

6 Steps to Switch to a Personal Account

  1. On the Instagram app, click through to your own business or creator profile
  2. Click on the three lines menu button in the top right hand corner of the screen
  3. Select ‘Settings and Privacy’ which will be right at the top of the menu list
  4. Click ‘Creator Tools and Controls’, which is sat under a subheading For Professionals
  5. Select ‘Switch Account Type’. A pop up box will appear at the bottom of your screen, inviting you to switch your account
  6. Select ‘Switch to Personal Account’ then confirm the action via the final pop up box

If you do decide to switch to a personal account, it’s worth noting that you will lose access to some of the insights which can help you to track and monitor the growth of your account. While you will retain all of your followers and previous posts, any insight that you had and were using will be lost.

Is it Possible to Switch Back to a Business or Creator Account?

Yes, you can change your profile back to a business or creator account at any time. However, doing this will not reinstate the previous data that you have lost. You will only be able to see and track data and insights relating to future posts, which are created once your account is back up and running as a professional account again.

Do you manage multiple accounts, or are you a one-account user? We’d love to hear your views on the benefits of professional vs. personal accounts, and how you maximise the benefits of each.