How to Tag Someone on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great example of short form content which is shared in the form of a photo, video,…

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Instagram Stories are a great example of short form content which is shared in the form of a photo, video, or text content, and which disappears after 24 hours.

While Instagram has integrated a number of options which allow users to extend the lifespan of their stories, through highlights and the re-sharing of archived past stories, for the most part an Instagram story is a quick and easy way to share an update or time-sensitive snippet of information with your followers.

Tagging people in your Instagram story draws their attention to it, sends it to them directly in their DM inbox, and invites them to share it to their own story for a wider audience and broadcast. 

Many users will tag their friends in shared memories and occasions – though this feature is just as readily used by businesses who want to expand their reach. For example, a business launching a new product might tag all of their suppliers and corporate partners in a post to encourage wider sharing. Similarly, a local business might tag all neighbouring businesses to support a launch post, or a personal user might tag local pages to widen the reach of an announcement or local update.

Whatever the reasoning, tagging someone in an Instagram story couldn’t be easier.

5 Steps to Tag Someone In a Story

    1. Click on the plus icon in the square box at the top of your profile page, then select ‘Story’
    2. Create your story using an existing photo, video, or alternative form of content
    3. Tap on the screen to bring up the text function
    4. Type ‘@’ and start typing the username of the people that you want to tagNOTE: You don’t have to be following the user to tag them. As you continue typing the username, Instagram will suggest all of the accounts that you may want to tag in your post based on your search. This is a particularly useful feature for those looking to tag as many local businesses or pages as possible!


  1. Adjust the size of the text tag using the scale at the side of your screen, and make any other edits to colour or font that you want to, before positioning the tags on the screen

And there you have it – an Instagram story, complete with tags that will drive more viewers towards your story and hopefully inspire some shares!