How to Turn Captions on TikTok

If you’re watching TikTok videos in a public space but don’t have a set of headphones or earphones handy, then…

If you’re watching TikTok videos in a public space but don’t have a set of headphones or earphones handy, then switching on captions is the next best thing.

Having captions on allows you to watch a video without turning on the sound – turning any speech in the video into text. Being able to read along rather than hear what is being said, means you don’t miss any of the meaning behind a TikTok video.

With that said, how do you turn on captions to make your TikTok experience more accessible?

Turning on Captions: Things to Consider

Before we share the steps to turn on captions for a TikTok video, it is important to note that if you use the auto-generated captions that have been pulled together by TikTok itself, then the chances are that these won’t be accurate.

Text that’s added by the creator is more likely to be accurate – while auto generated captions tend to be reliant on the speech being incredibly clear and are not averse to errors and misunderstandings.

Captions that are auto generated by TikTok should be read with a pinch of salt and an open mind.

Another thing worth noting is that once captions are switched on, they will stay on for every video you watch until you decide to switch them off – either for each individual video, or for all videos via your settings.

How Turn on Captions

There are a couple of different ways to switch on captions for a video, depending on where you are and whether you want to change the settings for your whole app or for on specific video.

To add captions to your browsing experience, head to your settings via your profile page menu, and find the ‘Display’ button. Click on this and see if you have the option to switch on captions. If you do, make sure the toggle is switched on.

To turn on captions for a particular video, open the video and select the sweeping arrow known as the ‘Share’ button. Along the bottom of the pop-up menu, tap ‘Captions’ to see the options available. If TikTok recognises the speech and can translate it to captions, then you can switch the toggle on. If not, captions will display as ‘Unavailable’.

We hope this helps! Captions are a great way to make content more accessible – and as a creator, are something you should consider adding to all of your videos to ensure that followers can enjoy them regardless of their personal situation or setting.