How to Turn off TikTok Notifications

When you’re trying to focus on something else on your device, there is nothing more annoying than a constant stream…

When you’re trying to focus on something else on your device, there is nothing more annoying than a constant stream of TikTok notifications. While knowing how many followers are liking your content, and at what rate you are attracting new views and followers, is satisfying and good to know, it isn’t always necessary.

Which is why knowing how to turn off notifications is so useful.

In this article, we’re sharing the steps to turn off notifications within the TikTok app and push notifications on your device – so that you can tailor your experience and interaction with TikTok.

How to Turn off In-app Notifications

You can adjust your notification settings from within the TikTok app, setting a schedule for push notifications and enabling in-app notifications for a series of different actions.

Head to your profile page and click on the menu button in the top right hand corner, then select ‘Settings & Privacy’. Click on ‘Notifications’ then, to manage your in-app notifications, select ‘In-App Notifications’.

A new page will appear, listing a variety of different actions and interactions that you might experience on TikTok. A toggle next to each lets you turn the notification on or off, giving you control over which activities you are informed of, and which are muted.

How to Turn off Push Notifications on Your Device

When you turn off notifications on your device, you will no longer see pop ups and updates from TikTok on your device home screen and appearing as banners when using your device.

These push notifications can be switched off completely or set to a schedule, whereby you mute or turn them off for a set period – for example, when sleeping or during work hours.

To access these notifications, head into your TikTok settings and select ‘Notifications’ as above.

Click on ‘Push Notifications’.

This will take you to the notifications page in your device settings where you can switch notifications for TikTok on or off. It is only if these notifications are switched on that you can set up a schedule, muting notifications between set hours.

And there you have it! A quick and easy guide to the notification settings for TikTok, which give you full control over how much of the app and its messages you see both when using TikTok and when completing other tasks on your device.