How to Use TikTok Emojis

Like any social media app, TikTok is big on the use of emojis. But where do you use them, how,…

Like any social media app, TikTok is big on the use of emojis.

But where do you use them, how, and what’s with the rumour about a secret set of hidden TikTok emojis?!

In this article, we’re sharing the main use of emojis on TikTok and how to use them to boost your content.

Where to Use Emojis

Most smartphones and portable devices have an emoji keyboard, inviting users to add emojis to any caption on TikTok and to the text that you lay over your video or photos.

You can also add emojis to your TikTok profile bio, and to any comments that you leave under videos.

Some TikTok users and creators will even encourage interactions through the use of emojis, asking their followers to comment a single emoji in response to a video or question that they ask.

But what is the value of adding emojis?

In most cases, emojis add context and shed extra light on the topic and concept of a TikTok video.

They highlight the point of the video or post and can even create a hint as to what the video is all about.

Introducing TikTok’s Secret Emojis

Now that we know a little more about how emojis are used and why, did you know that there’s a whole range of secret emojis that you can unlock and use exclusively on TikTok?

Accessed via an emoji short code, these secret emojis are a fun and engaging way of adding personal flair to your TikTok posts – and will have all of your followers asking how and where you found them!

To access these emojis, many of which are colourful variations on classic emojis that we already know and love, you simply need to enter the shorthand code inside square brackets, in the caption or as a comment.

For example, a bright pink smiling face is accessed via the short code [smile].

An angry red face with a stress mark is accessed using the code [angry].

A blue sad face with floods of tears is hidden behind the code [cry].

Suffice to say, the codes are not difficult to decipher but they do unlock and provide access to a wide range of emojis that users love.

See below a full list of all the codes that you can use to unlock new and creative TikTok emojis!

[smile], [happy], [angry], [cry], [embarrassed], [surprised], [wronged], [shout], [flushed], [yummy], [complacent], [drool], [scream], [weep], [speechless], [funnyface], [laughwithtears], [wicked], [facewithrollingeyes], [sulk], [thinking], [lovely], [greedy], [wow], [joyful], [hehe], [slap], [tears], [stun], [cute], [blink], [disdain], [astonish], [rage], [cool], [excited], [proud], [smileface], [evil], [angel], [laugh], [pride], [nap], [loveface], [awkward], [shock]


Let us know which emojis you try out and which one is your favourite!