How to View Instagram Profile Picture

An Instagram profile picture is like a headline image on your page, letting other users know who you are either…

An Instagram profile picture is like a headline image on your page, letting other users know who you are either by a logo or identifying photo.

For personal users, this tends to be a photo – while business owners will often choose either a team photo, a photo of their premises, or a logo.

Whenever you interact with another user, a small version of their profile picture will appear next to their username. But what is the best way to view this profile picture in its biggest possible size?

How to View Your Own Profile Picture in Large View

Whenever you select a new profile picture, you will find that your image is cut into a circular shape. The only time that you can really see this profile picture in all its full screen glory is when choosing the picture – opening the image to full screen and adjusting the circle so it captures the best bit of the picture.

From then on, you will only ever see your own profile picture in a small view; whether it be on your own profile page, next to an image you post, or along the top of your home screen.

How to View Another User’s Profile Picture

Unfortunately, the same is true of other user’s profile images.

You can only ever see someone’s profile picture in a relatively small size, whether that be in the top corner of their story update, their grid post, or on their profile page.

What if Someone’s Profile Picture is Replaced By a Grey Silhouette?

If you suddenly find that someone’s Instagram picture has been replaced by a grey silhouette, then one of several things could have happened.

  1. If they simply removed their profile picture but remain an active user on Instagram, then their profile picture will be replaced by a grey silhouette.
  2. If they have deactivated or deleted their account, then all their personal information will disappear and be replaced by ‘Instagram User’ as their username. Their profile and all posts will no longer be visible or searchable – as if they never existed on the platform.
  3. If they have blocked you, their profile will still be there, but you won’t be able to see anything on it.

Suffice to say, a profile picture forms a bit part of your identity on Instagram – so choose it wisely!