How to View Instagram Story

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today. Their 2 billion active monthly users…

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today. Their 2 billion active monthly users have an array of interactive features to take advantage of, and stories are one of the most popular. TechJury found that around 70% of Instagram users watch stories on a daily basis. This makes them a great tool for influencers and businesses looking to connect with their audiences. 

Stories are also a helpful feature for those who use Instagram purely for personal entertainment. Many celebrities and brands upload fun, quirky, and interactive content to their stories. Knowing how to find and view stories, therefore, is important when it comes to getting the best experience from Instagram. 

Let’s explore what you need to know about using and viewing your own stories. 

What are Instagram Stories?  

So, what is a story and how is it different from any other kind of post on Instagram?  Instagram stories were launched in August 2016 and offer a way to post temporary content without impacting the aesthetic order or content on your main profile or feed. 

Story posts will be present on a profile for 24 hours, after which they will be automatically archived. It is the temporary nature of stories that make them so different from Instagram’s other features. This is also why they were so unique when they were first launched in 2016 (though many considered them a tailored replica of Snapchat’s features). 

If you want to post your own story, you can do this through the main posting screen by pressing the plus (+) icon on your Instagram feed. But what if you want to see someone else’s Instagram story?

How to See Someone’s Stories on Instagram  

There are two main ways to find stories on Instagram:

  1. You can watch stories from the people you follow, one after the other, by utilizing the menu at the top of your feed
  2. You can seek out a specific person’s story and watch it through their profile  

If you want to see what the people you follow are posting to their stories, you can do so by opening the Instagram app and looking at the top of your feed. At the top of the screen, there will be a line of circular icons containing the profile pictures of users you follow. Simply press one of the icons and you will open that account’s story. 

Once you have started to view a story, Instagram will show each addition to that account’s story (since they can post multiple stories in a single day), one after the next. After you’ve viewed all of the entries they added to their story, Instagram will automatically show you stories from the next account on the list. 

If you watch stories this way, you can see content from a variety of accounts seamlessly. In fact, you don’t even need to tap from one to the next, since the stories will proceed like a slideshow automatically. 

But what if you want to see a specific account’s Instagram stories? 

How to Find a Story on Instagram  

If you only want to view one account’s story, it is very easy to do this. You can either scroll across the list of icons at the top of your screen until you see that account’s profile picture, or you can search for them. 

  • In order to search for them, simply press the icon that looks like a magnifying glass
  • Enter their username
  • Tap their profile when it shows up
  • Their profile picture will have a colorful circle around it if they have an active story 
  • Simply tap their picture if you see this and their story will open

You can rewatch a story as many times as you like while it is still active, but once 24 hours have passed, you will no longer be able to view it unless the account owner adds it to a highlight collection. You will find story highlights on a person’s profile, underneath their profile information and above their posts. 


Are Instagram stories important? 

If you are developing a brand or marketing a business, your Instagram stories are very important because they offer a chance to connect with your followers directly in a way that encourages interaction. 

Can I share someone else’s Instagram story? 

If another account tags you in their story, you can share it to your own story. If they do not, however, you can’t share their stories directly to your own. You can share in-feed posts to your story, however. 

Can I save someone else’s Instagram story?

There is no direct, in-app way to save someone else’s Instagram story. If they tag you in it and you share it, you can add it to your own highlight reel. Otherwise, you will need to take a screenshot or use third-party software to download their story for future viewing.