How to Watch Reels on Instagram

Reels are incredibly engaging examples of short form content, which can be shared as a way of showcasing a product,…

Reels are incredibly engaging examples of short form content, which can be shared as a way of showcasing a product, celebrating an occasion, highlighting a memory, or jumping onto a trend and creating content that has the potential to go viral.

More and more Instagram users are embracing reels as a fun and creative way of sharing content which is easy to make, and which ignites high levels of engagement.

That is, as long as users can find them.

For all of you Instagram users that stumble across reels from time to time but want to find more, here’s how to find and watch them…

How to Watch a Reel on Your Newsfeed

Reels are shared to newsfeeds in the same way as standard grid posts – BUT there’s one very important thing you need to do to get the full impact.

To watch a reel properly, you need to click on it and open it to full screen mode.

Only by doing this will you see the full screen, access all the engagement tools, and benefit from the soundtrack or audio layered on top of the reel.

NOTE: A reel will automatically start playing when you scroll past it in your newsfeed, but in the classic Instagram square mode and with no sound. Click on it to unlock the full experience.

How to Watch More Reels

Once you reach the end of a reel that you found in your newsfeed, you will be presented with three different options.

The first is to keep scrolling. The second is to watch the reel again. The third is to ‘Watch more reels’ – a clickable option which takes you directly to the next suggested reel that Instagram thinks you will like.

This suggestion is based on the algorithm and on the kind of content that Instagram connects with your engagement and the way you use the app.

Once the next reel is open in full screen mode, you can keep swiping up to scroll down through more reels to your hearts content!

How to Browse Reels When You’re Bored

Want to instantly find more reels that Instagram thinks you will like?

From the homepage of your app, simply click on the reels icon (along the bottom of the screen, indicated by a play sign inside a square) and scroll as before.

All of the reels that you find in this section of Instagram will be connected with your activity and the way that you use the app. If you want to change your algorithm and the kind of content that Instagram shows you, you can do so by gradually adjusting the content you engage with and mark as interesting.

How to Watch a Reel That A Friend Posted

If you know about a reel that a friend or other user has posted, you can find this by heading to their profile and navigating to their reels grid.

Again, to view the reel in all its glory you will need to open it into full screen mode – pairing the soundtrack with the footage.

And voila! All of the content you never knew you needed – and as much of it as you could possible want! We hope this helps.