33+ Incredible Instagram Stories Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

If you’re an Instagram user, you will notice that it has introduced many features over the years. One of these…

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If you’re an Instagram user, you will notice that it has introduced many features over the years. One of these was Instagram Stories.

Although Instagram stories only last for 24 hours, they attract a lot of interest and generate engagement, which benefits influencers, users, and brands; as we can see, over  500 million people use Instagram Stories daily.

Thus, individuals, brands, and businesses use stories as one of the best ways to appeal to their customer base on Instagram, create a meaningful brand experience, and market their products.

To get the full picture of the benefits of Insta stories, check out the following statistics.

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  • 15% to 25% of people swipe the links in branded stories.
  • Over 500 million Instagram users use Instagram Stories every day.
  • 70% of Instagram users watch stories daily.
  • 86.6% of Instagram users post Stories.
  • Instagram Stories are used by 36% of businesses to promote their products.
  • 49% of Gen Z consumers use stories to find products and services.
  • 70% of Instagram Stories are watched with the sound on.
  • The average reach rate for brands with large followings is 12% for posts and 2% for Stories.
  • About 98% of fashion brands use Instagram.
  • Up to 49% of IG celebrity followers could be fake.

What Is An Instagram Story?

Instagram Stories was introduced in 2016. It proved popular, allowing users to post videos that vanish after 24 hours, enhancing user experience.

Instagram Stories has 400 million daily users, twice as many as Snapchat Stories, with 100 million users joining in six months, reaching 500 million daily users.

Additionally, Instagram Stories boosted influencer marketing by 68%, making it the top app and feature for brand marketing. Influencers can also use stories to showcase new items and create affiliate links.

Instagram Stories Analytics

Instagram Stories have the following engagement metrics, which allow you to understand how viewers interact with each Story you post:

  • Taps Forward –  Determines how often viewers have tapped to the right, skipping the current Story to see the next one.
  • Taps Backward – Analyzes how many users have tapped to the left to watch the previous video in the Story sequence.
  • Exits – Tracks how often viewers have “swiped down” on the Story to exit the Stories feed.
  • Replies – This feature shows how often viewers “swipe up” to comment directly on the Story or navigate to the content linked to a story, such as a website.

In addition to keeping an eye on these four indicators, users need to pay special attention to two other vital metrics:

  • Reach –  Measures unique account views, indicating brand exposure. Average reach rates across different business sectors are shown.
  • Impressions – This measures a Story’s total number of views, including rewatches, indicating view metric ers’ desire to see it multiple times.

Impressive Instagram Stories Statistics for 2024

Instagram statistics show that the social media platform has over 2 billion active users. Out of these, 500 million use Instagram Stories daily. This shows a massive increase since 2018 when it only had 400 million daily active users.

Read on to discover more interesting facts about Instagram stories statistics of 2024.

1. 86.6% of Instagram users post Stories.

(Earth Web)

Nearly all users post Stories, while 36.6% like watching Stories. In contrast, only 63.4% of users prefer regular posts.

These Instagram Stories stats show just how popular Instagram stories are. As a result, more than 80% of Instagram users make the most of the Instagram Stories feature, as it’s clear that many people have jumped on the Instagram Stories bandwagon and are having fun with it.

2. 60% of millennials either post or watch Instagram stories.

(Earth Web)

Millennials prefer Instagram stories to other story formats on other platforms, as more than 50% of them use Instagram stories. Snapchat and Facebook are less prevalent in this regard, at 53% and 48%, respectively.

However, millennials are also the largest user base on Facebook at 30%, with many admitting to using both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously.

Instagrammers create content that often includes stories. If we look at the stats for millennials on Instagram, stories are an attractive form of engagement for this generation.

3. Instagram Stories are used by 36% of businesses to promote their products.

(Elf Sight)

Businesses have implemented the usage of Instagram Stories into their marketing strategy. 66% of Instagram Stories viewers aren’t brand followers but are interested in learning about products or services.

Marketers and influencers also use Stories to boost branding, as 94% rely on influencer marketing for successful campaigns.

4. Snapchat only has 383 million daily users.

(Data Reportal, Backlinko)

Snapchat daily users

Instagram has almost twice as many daily users as Snapchat. In other words, Snapchat only has about 383 million users daily.

In comparison, Instagram has 2.3 billion active monthly users, roughly 500 million daily active users.

5. The average reach rate for brands with large followings is 12% for posts and 2% for Stories.


The reach of posts on Instagram is much greater than stories. However, as followers increase, the difference between reach in posts and stories lowers.

It isn’t enough to post Instagram Stories. It would be best to ensure people are viewing and engaging with them. Shares, replies, likes, and profile visits are all important Instagram metrics that can help you measure the success of your Stories.

6. Businesses are responsible for creating ⅓ of the most viewed stories.

(Embed Social)

One-third of the most viewed stories come from businesses, and one in five stories gets a direct message from its viewers.

Instagram businesses are vast benefactors of Instagram Stories as they adopted the feature seeing the high engagement and conversion rates.

7. The best-performing story ads are 1.3 seconds shorter per scene than lower-performing ads.

(Finance Online)

As Instagram story ad statistics suggested, this is 2.8 seconds per scene rather than 4.1 seconds for the poorer-performing ads.

Users should break longer videos into shorter scenes for a compelling story ad. This will still be able to showcase a complex story while retaining the audience’s interest.

8. Gen Z comprises 70% of Instagram Stories viewers.

(Incredi Tools)

 Instagram Stories viewers.

It turns out that 70% of all story viewers are from Generation Z. The remaining 30% are divided between millennials, Generation Xers, and baby boomers.

An important fact to consider, especially if you’re a marketer or a business owner—now that you have the crucial info on Insta stories user demographics, all that’s left is to think of creative ways to reach them.

(Earth Web)

Instagram users respond well to the feature built into stories that allow them to visit a site by swiping up.

Between 15% and 25% of people swipe the links in branded stories. Instagram users respond well to the feature built into Stories that allow them to visit a site by swiping up. So much so that, in 2022, between 15% and 25% of users access the links.

One thing that you’ll probably already know about Instagram is that you can only post one link in your bio, which is well-known by people that use Instagram a lot.

However, what’s great about Instagram stories is that this is the only other place on Instagram’s platform where you can include a link that people can check out.

10. Instagram has about 2.35 billion active users as of May 2023.

(The Small Business Blog)

As of the first quarter of 2023, Instagram is the 3rd most social media platform after Facebook, with roughly 2.98 billion monthly active users, and YouTube, with over 2.6 billion people worldwide using YouTube per month.

11. Each day, 500 million people use Instagram Stories.


As of March 2023, over half a billion people use Instagram stories daily. As the medium continues to gain popularity, people should expect a more remarkable rise in the future. Additionally, 1 in every 5 stories gets a direct message from its audience.

12. Over 50% of businesses on Instagram produce an Instagram Story.


Instagram Stories allow businesses to deliver live and timely content. Behind-the-scenes videos, as are takeovers by influencers, company employees, and celebrities, are especially popular with potential customers.

Additionally, 67% of Instagram users react or interact with Stories’ swipe-up feature.

13. The best time to post to Instagram Stories in the US is between 9 am and 11 am Eastern Time (EST).

(Social Pilot)

People have more time to browse Instagram Stories before work, during their lunch break, and evenings after work. Posting early in the morning, around lunchtime (12 pm – 2 pm), or later in the evening (5 pm – 7 pm) will give Stories an extra boost.

14. The age group with the least Instagram users is 65+, representing 2.6%.


Instagram users aged 35 to 44 comprise the third-largest age group, with 15.3% of Instagrammers.

Coming second are those in the 45-to-54 age group, with 8.2%, followed by teens aged 13 to 17, with 8.1%, and 55 to 64, with just 4.2%. Just 2.6% of Instagram users are aged 65 and above.

This is unsurprising as elderly folks are not active on social media.

15. Up to 49% of IG celebrity followers could be fake.

(PP Tech)

Not all Instagram followers celebrities have are real. Some are bots or paid accounts where users can solicit likes and followers. Instagram bots often follow well-known celebrity accounts, making them difficult to distinguish from real users.

And for many high-profile celebrities, at least one in every four followers is a bot.

Fake Instagram followers are an unavoidable reality of the platform. For some people, they’re a nuisance that leaves silly comments. For others, they’re a quick way to boost their follower counts.

Instagram Stories Usage Statistics

Stories have various purposes – to introduce new items for businesses, for users to share personal snippets of their lives, and for users to showcase experiences from their point of view.

Let’s examine how businesses use them and where they might fit into their social marketing strategy.

16. 86.6% of Instagrammers post stories daily.


Stories have become an essential part of Instagram users. It allows them to share personal details and sentiments on the app without posting pictures or videos.

Due to this, most users utilize stories daily, whether for business, marketing, or personal use.

17. 27% of Insta stories include one frame per day.

(Jumper Media)

Finding the correct number of frames for a business is crucial, as it can increase retention rates. About 27% of brands are betting on a single frame.

In comparison, 20% are using 7+ frames for Instagram daily. Frames also allow users to share multiple media without the need to post consecutively.

18. In 2022, the median number of frames per Insta story was 2.

(Ad Braze)

Uploading Instagram Stories using frames ranging from 10 to 12 leads to losing your target audience’s attention.

The median tap-back rate is 4.0%, but high-end brands see tap-back rates closer to 7.0%.

A minimum of 2 frames is advised, and grabbing your audience’s attention with the first frame is essential so they are tempted to carry on to the next edge.

19. 68% of millennials in the UK have viewed Stories on Instagram.

(Digiday UK)

Snapchat, which pioneered the format, came a distant second with 49%. Facebook was third with 44%. Instagram is the most popular platform for Stories, and millennials are leading the way.

20. About 31.2% of Instagram Stories’ population is between 25 to 34 years.

(Social Media Perth) 

Over 30% of Instagrammers belong to the 25 to 34 peer group; that’s 16.4% for the gentlemen and 14.8% for the ladies. They are also the age group that mainly uploads and views Instagram Stories.

The second age group is between 18 to 24 years, with 31%, followed by the 35-44 year-olds with 13.5%.

21. 1 in 3 Instagrammers said they became more interested in a product they had seen on Stories.   



Stories can give users a unique perspective on most brands when crafted skillfully. Many users appreciate the sneak peek into products and the more personal touch that Stories often provides.

The short clips posted on Instagram Stories pique the interest of viewers and prompt some to send a message across the brand concerning the product.

22. IG Stories has been extended to 60 seconds.

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

Instagram offers 60-second stories, allowing users to post longer content, breaking it into smaller chunks. Future upgrades include music and graphics to keep viewers engaged.

23. 70% of Instagram Stories are watched with the sound on.

(Incredi Tools)

Sound or audio is a critical feature of Stories that boosts engagement. Users rely on this audio for cues, settings, and language. Some stories also include trending audio, which users can utilize for branding purposes.

24. About 98% of fashion brands use Instagram.

(Social Pilot)

Instagram is the number one tool for sharing photos and videos. Even organizations are taking advantage of it to reach the masses. The app allows fashion brands to be creative with their posts and have specialized ads to boost businesses.

25. GAP ran a Stories ad campaign in February 2018, which resulted in a 73% higher click-through rate than its previous “non-Stories” campaign.


In 2018, GAP wanted to highlight its exciting Logo Remix program, an apparel collection for men and women using one of the most recognized logos in the world.

They used a new eye-catching, full-screen Instagram Story format featuring a carousel. Each carousel card was clickable, with “Swipe up to shop the collection” call-to-action buttons linked to the Gap website.

In addition to a considerable boost in click-through rate, the campaign resulted in a 17-point lift in ad recall and a 4-point lift in message association for Instagram Stories for business.

26. 70% of marketers plan to increase their spending on IG videos.


Nearly ¾ of marketers plan to boost their Instagram video budgets. During the pandemic, videos became the highlight for most internet users as people look for ways to occupy their time, work, or use to learn online.

27. Brand accounts with less than 10,000 followers have the highest reach.

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

Handles with less than 10,000 followers have the highest stories reach, around 5.4%. However, things get more daunting; as the follower count grows. Counterparts with over 200,000 average around 1.2%.

Instagram account statistics may be discouraging, but smaller profiles engage better due to genuine content interests, despite potential ghost accounts.

28. Branded content was at the forefront in 2022.

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

Instagram added more features to help brands connect on a higher level in 2021. An example is Preferred Brand Partners.

This feature will help organizations collaborate better through partnerships. They can add partners they prefer to work with and even do advanced filters to get the ideal ones for campaigns.

29. Stories with sports content have a 90% finish rate.


Stories with sports content

Instagram Stories with sports content have been reported to have a 90% finish rate.

This means that people who view Instagram stories with sports-related content tend to tap through the entire set of frames, which is impressive.

30. 50% of Gen Z consumers use stories to find products and services.


Instagram Stories statistics show that 50% of Gen Z consumers prefer discovering new products via Instagram Stories.

This is unsurprising when you consider 90% of people follow a business on Instagram, with Gen Z ranking Instagram as their favorite social media app.

What’s New With Instagram Stories

Instagram’s Broadcast Channels feature, launched in February 2023, allows creators to build a community within a new messaging space and enables creators to host guests on the channel.

It allows brands and creators to share behind-the-scenes snippets, drop sneak peeks of upcoming releases, or create content with duo talents.

There is a new exciting feature Instagram is testing as of June 2023 called the “Shared Stories” feature, designed to enable influencers to collaborate and share memories with their followers.

The feature allows influencers to invite their followers to contribute to their stories and add their content to them, which is then approved by the influencer.

Fun Facts

Looking for a bit of Instagram Stories stats banter to break the ice? Then look no further:

31. Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed person on Instagram.


As of July 2023, the sports superstar has around 596 million followers. Second place goes to another football superstar, Leo Messi, with 478 million. The music star Selena Gomez took third place with 426 million.

32. Clarendon is Instagram’s number one Stories filter.

(IGeeks Blog)

Clarendon tops the list of the most used and favorite default filters for Instagram posts. People can use it in reels and stories. It gives your picture a cool look by increasing saturation and contrast, giving it a more mature look.

33. In 2022, Stories increased the amount of time spent on Instagram to 54 minutes a day.

(Hopper HQ)

Instagram Stories help to boost engagement, and brands realize the power of short-lived content on the platform. Story lengths are a significant contributing factor to this substantial increase.


In the above Instagram Stories statistics, it’s apparent that Instagram Stories is a popular feature and will remain so as more and more users view them as an essential component of the social media-sharing app.

They are also an excellent way for marketers to get in touch with their audience, engage with them, and entice potential customers to visit their website and see what’s new.