Need a Funny Instagram Caption for Couples? Find 100 Here!

Everyone knew it already, but it’s now official, too — couples who laugh together really do stay together. Research has…

Everyone knew it already, but it’s now official, too — couples who laugh together really do stay together.

Research has confirmed that couples who laugh hard, often, and for the silliest of reasons, have happier and healthier relationships. One possible reason? When you don’t take yourself too seriously, you’re more likely to let the small things slide (read: no arguments about toilet seats and socks) and focus on the big picture.

Are you in a relationship built on a solid foundation of laughter? You’ll have lots of great pictures and videos to share with your Instagram followers. All those posts deserve hilarious captions, of course!

We’ll get your creative juices flowing so you can write your next funny Instagram caption for couples with ease — and have fun doing it.

How to Write a Great Funny Instagram Caption for Couples

Writing funny couples captions for Instagram isn’t difficult — at least not if you’re letting loose and sharing the kind of humor you and your other half love most. Guess what is tricky? Penning captions your other Instagram followers will also enjoy.

Here are some tips to take your funny Instagram captions for couples to the next level:

  • Be mindful of the type of humor your Insta fam loves. Still trying to figure it out? Well, you can tell by how many likes and comments a funny caption gets and, of course, by what the comments say. Inside jokes can make your followers laugh sometimes, but you’ll have to keep an eye on the comments.
  • If you want to make your couples captions for Instagram funny, puns and cheesy jokes are a safe bet on the platform. Of course, if you have a sassy, savage, or dark vibe going on, your followers may also appreciate some more twisted forms of humor.
  • Ultimately, aim to keep your couple captions for Instagram lighthearted and uplifting — because everyone enjoys a good love story.
  • To make your couple captions for Instagram funny, you can also focus on everyday annoyances everyone can relate to. Your other half might be your rock, but everyone knows the ones we love most can get under our skin sometimes. Especially if chores or food are involved.

Above all, have fun writing your funny couples captions for Instagram! Writing the types of captions your followers will LOL at gets easier with practice. The good news? You’ll have lots of funny and sweet photos to share, and they all need captions!

How to Write a Great Funny Instagram Caption for Couples

Punny and Funny Couples Captions for Instagram

1. There’s no cure for this. Falling head over high heels for this one.

2. Aging together like a fine wine.

3. Our love is like a book with great plot twists — but a comedy!

4. You’re the PB to my J.

5. Our love is as strong as our morning coffee.

6. We go together like a pair of chopsticks.

7. You’re the Chill to my Netflix.

8. Love is the game, and we keep scoring goals.

9. Double trouble!

10. We’re a match made… on Tinder.

Funny Love Captions for Instagram

11. Crazy in love, can’t keep calm!

12. Two of a kind!

13. This one’s better than cake.

14. Can’t ever get enough vitamin U.

15. Hope you got a first-aid kit. My heart stops every time I look at you.

16. Staring at you is my new favorite hobby.

17. You are the Peanut Butter Twix I seek.

18. These smiles… brought to you by each other.

19. I think I’m giving up sugar. Sweetness overload in my life!

20. Let’s hold hands and run away.

Sassy Couple Captions for Instagram Selfies

21. Sorry, ladies! This one’s all mine. Look at him, and you’ll regret it.

22. The classy to my sassy.

23. Yeah, I’m a handful, but that’s why you’ve got two.

24. We woke up like this.

25. For your eyes only.

26. True love is… taking food from each other’s plates without asking.

27. Love. Because you can’t go on thrilling adventures with basic people.

28. You might need some shades. This photo is too hot to handle.

29. Sass is the spice of life, especially for us.

30. Give me what I want, or I’ll get it for me.

Savage but Funny Instagram Captions for Couples

31. Never settle for anything less than you deserve. Sorry, but this one’s already taken.

32. This savage exterior hides a snuggle bear, but only for him.

33. Relationship status: May the best person win.

34. True love is… waking your other half up at 5 am for a morning jog.

35. We go together like a firing pin and a striker.

36. Take me as I am, or watch me as I go.

37. Join us in celebrating the hottest couple ever. (Nope, not you.)

38. Rebel life.

39. Wild, free, and fearless.

40. Bad influences are the best kind.

Silly Couple Captions for Instagram About Everyday Moments

41. Oh, this smile? The same one you gave me this morning.

42. Two hearts, one soul, one giant plate of spaghetti.

43. You’re my favorite life hack.

44. Love is a journey… to the best restaurant in town.

45. Sure, you can put your toothbrush in my bathroom.

46. You stole my heart, so you might as well take that extra beer in the fridge, too.

47. Forever starts with you. But first, donuts.

48. I’d say your love is all I need, but this pizza looks awfully good, too.

49. Why do I get hungry every time I see you?

50. We go together like… those socks that should also be together, but aren’t, because you’re too disorganized to bother.

Silly Couple Captions for Instagram About Everyday Moments

Funny Couples Instagram Captions to Celebrate Milestones

51. New year, same hot couple.

52. One year together. The silliest, stupidest, best year ever.

53. You’re stuck with me, babe.

54. Happy co-dependence day!

55. Nobody pinch me! (I said yes!!!)

56. But if you measure our relationships in shared pizzas, we’re up to at least 8 million, right?

57. Yes, it’s us again! Hope you’ll never get tired of liking our silly pictures because we’re gonna keep ‘em coming.

58. My better half: Making life sentences fun, one year at a time.

59. Couples who eat junk food together stay together.

60. Celebrating: One year of toilet seats left up.

Funny Couple Instagram Captions About Reality vs Expectations

61. Expectation: Romantic candle-lit dinner in the most $$$ restaurant in town. Reality: Takeout in PJs. (Somehow more fun.)

62. Expectation: Breakfast in bed. Reality: Crisps for dinner in bed (+ Netflix).

63. Expectation: Sweet love notes. Reality: PLEASE empty the dishwasher THIS TIME.

64. Expectation: Homemade artisanal chocolates. Reality: A six pack and a warning the game is about to start.

65. Expectation: Romantic comedy marathons. Reality: PUBG marathons.

66. The only surprise we have for each other is, “Oh, you ate the last cookie again?”

67. Expectation: Cute selfies. Reality: This!

68. Him: So, I was thinking… Expectation: Let’s move in together! Reality: McDonald’s again?

69. The dream: A romantic getaway. The reality: Getting lost in the woods while it rains, and neither of us knows how to pitch the damn tent.

70. Her: Let’s watch a romantic comedy. Me: OK, I’ll watch paint dry just for you, but maybe next time let’s actually watch paint dry?

Hilarious Quotes for Funny Couple Captions for Instagram

71. “Romantic love is a mental illness. But it’s a pleasurable one.” — Fran Lebowitz

72. “I would rather fight with you than make love to anyone else.” — The Wedding Date

73. “I love you no matter what you do, but do you have to do so much of it?” — Jean Illsley Clarke

74. “He is the cheese to my macaroni.” ― Diablo Cody

75. “A guy knows he’s in love when he loses interest in his car for a couple of days.” — Tim Allen

76. “Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache.” — Mae West

77. “Marriage has no guarantees. If that’s what you’re looking for, go live with a car battery.” — Erma Bombeck

78. “If you love them in the morning with their eyes full of crust; if you love them at night with their hair full of rollers, chances are, you’re in love.” — Miles Davis

79. “Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow internet service to see who they really are.” — Will Ferrell

80. “I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” — Rita Rudner

Short Cheesy Instagram Captions for Couples

81. Your soul sings to mine.

82. I am yours, you are mine.

83. Forever and always.

84. You + Me = Pizza for dinner.

85. You’re my favorite ice cream flavor.

86. Happily ever after.

87. Miles of smiles.

88. My ride or die.

89. Two peas in one crazy pod.

90. Falling for you like rain from the sky.

Short Cheesy Instagram Captions for Couples

Creative Writing Prompts to Help You Craft Funny Couple Captions for Instagram

So, you want to write your own cute messages, but you’re not sure how to make your Instagram captions for couples funny while adding a uniquely creative touch? Don’t worry! While Instagram users elevate overused clichés to “camp status,” especially when it comes to a great love story, there comes a time when you want to explore other options.

We hope our list of  funny love captions for Instagram has already inspired you to take your captions up a few notches, but there’s more!

Write your own unique captions with these creative writing prompts. We’ve already started the sentences for you. All you need to do is… finish them and add your preferred twist of humor!

91. If we had our own rom-com, it would be called…

92. But the winner for “cringe pet name of the year” goes to… me! (It’s…)

93. Our answer to the OG “Brangelina” is… What would your names look like intertwined?

94. I knew it was love when my other half…

95. The first time my BAE made me laugh, it was because…

96. You know your relationship will survive when you can laugh about…

97. Our silliest argument was about…

98. The one thing my love does every day that never fails to make me chuckle is…

99. We could survive long distance, because…

100. The best answer to every argument is…

FAQ About Funny Instagram Captions for Couples

What are the essential ingredients of a good funny Instagram caption for couples?

The best funny couple Instagram captions capture extremely relatable moments all of your followers have already experienced, turn awkward situations into hilarious ones, or add a good dose of self-deprecation to hot selfies. (So your followers can admire you without feeling jealous!)

Can I just copy/paste the funny couples Instagram captions on this list?

Sure, you’re very welcome to do that! The best captions add a personal touch and make it clear the message is specifically about you, though. So, while you can use our caption ideas, it’s always nice to add a unique twist or funny anecdote.

How long should my cheesy Instagram captions for couples be?

If you manage to keep your sassy couple captions for Instagram to 140 characters or less, your followers won’t have to tap that dreaded More button to read the whole thing. Generally speaking, you don’t want to write a novel. You want to deliver a quick, funny punch.

What are some great hashtags to add to my funny Instagram captions for couples?

The best hashtags to add to your funny and silly couple captions for Instagram are tailored to the context of your whole post. Hashtags can add an extra dose of humor and have the added benefit of making your cute couple posts easier to discover on Instagram.

Some great options include #couplegoals, #relationshiphumor, #loveandlaughs, #sillylove, #laughterinlove, and #funnycouples.

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